Official Requirements for Free Fire “V” Badge. How To Get It?



The Free Fire community is going crazy over the “V” badge, and it has been a point of discussion for some time now. Multiple popular creators are seen having this badge next to their names, and this makes players want to have it next to their names as well. People and players who are a part of the game for a long time now are aware that this is only for official Free Fire partners, and it distinguishes them from the normal players. One needs to meet the requirements to be a part of the Partner Program. However, Since the government of India has banned Free Fire, it is important that players respect this decision and refrain from playing the game. However, Free Fire Max is still available for download, and players should play that instead.

Why is the “V” Badge in Free Fire?

The Free Fire Partner Program was developed by Garena to assist the upcoming content creators in unveiling their full potential. The “V” badge is not a major perk, but it provides creators with multiple incentives. These incentives include in-game items, diamonds, financial benefits, exclusive early access to various content, and multiple other things that can boost the journey of becoming a YouTube sensation. Since the partner program is very beneficial, the level of competition is also very high.

Enrolling in the partner program is an elaborate process, and not everyone is up for it. However, anyone who enrols into the partner program does get the “V” badge next to their name in the game. The slots are limited and the requirements are high, therefore, it gets even more challenging for players to join the partner program.

Requirements for Garena Partner Program

The requirements are elaborate, and one needs to fulfil all of them to become a part of the Garena Partner Program

  • Interactive YouTube Channel with over 1lakh subscribers
  • Minimum of 80% content in the last month should be about the game
  • At least 30 lakh views in the last 30 days
  • Consistent social media activity with quality content
  • Content should be clean and abide by Garena’s content policy
  • Professionalism and hard-working attitude

The requirements are just the tip of the iceberg. Every application is reviewed by the team, and the slots are given only to the players who are eligible.

Steps to Join the Free Fire Partner Program

The application for the Free Fire Partner Program is currently not live, but you can apply whenever the applications reopen. These are the required steps for joining the program.

Step 1: Visit the official website for the Partner Program.

Step 2: Clicking on the “Apply Now” button will redirect you to the application form.

Step 3: Fill out all the required information such as channel name, subscriber count, etc. As the last step, submit the application form.

It is important to note that there is no other way of acquiring the Free Fire “V” badge. No, redeem codes or referral system works for this. For more such guides, follow Techburner.

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