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OnePlus 8 Pro Update Timeline: OxygenOS 10.5.10 Update Changelog



One of the most loved features of OnePlus phones is definitely the UI. OxyegnOS is superfluid and it comes with so many handy features. Not just that, but OnePlus always keeps all phones updated with the latest version. Now, OnePlus 8 series has been launched and a number of software updates are already released. We will keep updating this post with the latest OnePlus 8 Pro update timeline. Therefore, if you are an OnePlus 8 Pro user, then you should keep your eye over this article. For instance, The latest version is OxygenOS 10.5.10 for OnePlus 8 Pro. So, check out OxygenOS 10.5.10 update changelog.

OnePlus 8 Pro Update Timeline

Release Date   Software Version Changelog
 03 June 2020 OxygenOS 10.5.10
  • Updated Android Security Patch to 2020 May
  • Added H.265 HEVC codec
  • Optimized the unlocking animation
  • Improved Camera stability
13 May 2020 OxygenOS 10.5.8
  • Optimized touch
  • Updated Android Security Patch to 2020 April
  • HDR video effect is also optimized
  • Improved power consumption performance
05 May 2020 OxygenOS 10.5.6
  • System and camera stability is improved
  • Dirt Detection capability and Front camera shooting experience is improved

 Note: This update timeline is for Indian variant.

OxygenOS 10.5.10 Update Changelog


  • Firstly, Touch and interaction experience optimized
  • Expanded screenshot user experience is also optimized
  • Optimized the power consumption performance of the system so that the improvements in battery life
  • Wireless charging stability is also optimized
  • Similarly optimized the pocket mode to reduce mistouches
  • Optimized the unlocking animation, so unlock transition is smoother
  • Updated Android Security Patch to 2020 May
  • Updated GMS package to 2020 March


  • Added the “Delete” button in the notification bar of incoming messages
  • Added keyword whitelist option in SMS blocking settings


  • Newly added H.265 HEVC codec to reduce video storage size seamlessly
  • Added auto ultra-wide-angle lens feature when shooting at close range, as a result, improvement in the picture quality of edges
  • Optimized the click animation for the camera shutter
  • Moreover, Improved the shooting experience with the camera and improved stability


  • Improved the stability of communication
  • Likewise, improvement in the performance and stability of Wi-Fi transfers
  • Also, optimization in Network latency for online games similarly improvement in the smoothness

Game Space

  • Added Epic Games in Game Space.

OxygenOS 10.5.8 Update For OnePlus 8 Pro

So, OxygenOS 10.5.8 update for OnePlus 8 Pro is now out. It will solve the display issues with the April 2020 security patch update. Moreover, the OxygenOS update for OnePlus 8 Pro will optimize power consumption, video quality, and HDR effects. Also, the OnePlus 8 Pro update improves Wi-Fi stability with the new April security patch update.

The recent display problems could be a hardware issue, as suggested by many. However, the changelog mentions “Optimized touch and interaction experience.” Before the Oneplus 8 Pro new update, the display color was a bit greenish with crushed blacks.

OxygenOS 10.5.8 For OnePlus 8 Pro Changelog


  • Optimized touch and interaction experience.
  • Improved power consumption performance of the system.
  • Also improvement in Video playing effect in low brightness
  • System stability and fixed general issues.
  • Updated Android Security Patch to 2020.04.


  • Improved stability and compatibility of Bluetooth connection.


  • Optimisation in HDR video effect
  • Improved the shooting experience with Camera and improved stability.


  • Enabled 5G for Telia Network.
  • Improved the performance and stability of Wi-Fi transfer.
  • Improved the stability of communication.
  • Optimized the network latency for online games.

The OnePlus 8 Pro new update has a download size of about 155MB. Notably, the update will solve the display issues and camera UI bugs. The update has started rolling out.

OnePlus 8 Pro OxygenOS 10.5.6 Update

After a few days of launch, a new OxygenOS 10.5.4 update was rolled out for OnePlus 8 series. This update brought Live Caption support, and Bullets Wireless Z support was enhanced. After that, some users have reported Green Tint on the display while some users were facing Black crush issue. The second update OxygenOS 10.5.5 fixed the Green tint on OnePlus 8 series, but the Black crush issue was not resolved. Now the third update is here; however, there is no mention of the display issues in the changelog. Meanwhile, a Reddit user reported that the Green Tint effect is resolved only when the DC Dimming is on. The changelog is as follow.

OxygenOS 10.5.6 Update Changelog

  • System
    • Known issues fix
    • Improvement in System Stability
  • Camera
    • Dirt Detection capability is now more accurate
    • Improvement in the shooting experience in the front camera
    • Improvement in Camera stability
  • Network (International)
    • Communication stability further enhanced

So, there is no mention of display issues. However, a future update might resolve the Black Crush bug present for some users. The update size is around 125MB, which is smaller as compared to the usual OxygenOS update.

To sum up, that’s all in this article and keep your eye on this article, so that you don’t miss any future update.

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