OnePlus Buds vs Realme Buds Air vs Mi TWS 2: Best One?



OnePlus has come up with its Nord-series smartphones recently. Alongside the Nord, OnePlus also revealed their Truly Wireless Buds aka TWS buds and entered the war of Best TWS under Rs 5000. The segment where Realme Buds Air and Mi TWS 2 were already available in the market as the best according to the user preferences. Adding to them, now we have OnePlus Buds available under Rs 5,000. In this article, we will compare OnePlus Buds vs Realme Buds Air and OnePlus Buds vs Mi TWS 2. We will also discuss Mi TWS 2 vs OnePlus Buds vs Realme Buds Air specs. So without any further ado, let’s head into the article.

OnePlus Buds vs Realme Buds Air vs Mi TWS 2

As OnePlus has entered the TWS market, we got the fierce competitor for Realme Buds Air and Mi TWS, which were already ruling the market below Rs 5,000. Now here we will compare all three of these TWS and will recommend you the best. So read the full article to get to a justifiable conclusion. So now let’s begin with the comparison.

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The charging Case of OnePlus Buds looks pretty much circular with an LED indicator at the front. OnePlus used the same seashell-inspired CD-pattern as the OnePlus Bullets Wireless series for an instantly recognizable OnePlus design. The Charging case dimensions are 52.21 x 59.62 x 24.4 mm and earbuds’ dimensions are 18.81 x 16.13 x 37.89 mm. The Case is made of a smooth matte plastic having a smooth and glossy looking earbuds. Also, a USB Type-C charging port is available with an LED indication at the front for battery level indication while charging. It is available in three colours – Blue, Black, and White.

Moving ahead and talking about Mi TWS 2, it has the sharper edges with a flat base having an LED indicator at the front. These buds have the plastic, but premium builds using the ABS plastic. The Case has a matte finish and a USB Type-C port for charging and a physical button at the right side for pairing. The buds have the sturdy build quality and premium feel. However, the buds are bit bulky, and bigger drivers can be the reason. It is available only in one colour, i.e. White.

Now over to the Realme Buds Air, that is much identical to the Apple AirPods. Where we get the glossy and smooth finish with USB Type-C port at the bottom. On the front, we have a circular shaped button with an LED light for battery indication while charging. It has smooth edges unlikely the Mi TWS 2. It is lightweight and feels premium as per the price. Realme Buds Air is available in three colour variants – Yellow, Black, and White.

Connectivity, Battery, and Charging

OnePlus Buds have Bluetooth 5.0, which offers better and faster connectivity than the older versions. The buds get connected to the device as soon as the Case opens after pairing once. Moving to the battery part, these buds have a battery backup of up to 30-hours with charging case. However, the buds can give up to 7-hours of backup without the Case. It takes about 1.2-hours to charge the buds completely.

Now talking about Mi TWS 2, it also has Bluetooth 5.0, so it also has excellent connection capabilities. It also connects to the device as soon as we open the Case. Moving to the battery part, these buds can provide the backup of 14 hours with a case, and without a case, it can stand for 4 hours. It takes about 1.1-hours to charge the buds completely. These buds even support the fast charging.

Moving to the Realme Buds Air, here also we get the Bluetooth 5.0. It has Google’s fast pair technology, and it connects seamlessly with your device after pairing. Also, it has active noise cancellation with two mics on the buds. Heading to the battery part, it has a battery backup of 17 hours while with Case and 3 hours when not using the Case. It takes about 2-hours to charge the buds completely.

Sound Quality

OnePlus Buds comes with a 13.4mm dynamic driver with Dolby support and Dirac audio tuner. Due to the large drivers, we get good sound quality. It has unique active noise cancellation via three of the mics on the buds. It has a 10-meters wireless range with super-low latency of 109ms.

Mi TWS 2 comes with a 14.2mm dynamic driver. These buds come with dual mics for active noise cancellation. As a con, it does not have a low latency mode. However, it has a 10-meters wireless range.

Now heading to Realme Buds Air, we get Realme customized R1 chip that transmits the data faster. These buds come with dual mics for active noise cancellation. Also, it has a gaming mode that brings the latency down to 119ms. It also has a 10-meters wireless range.

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OnePlus Buds come with touch controls, and we can control music and accept and decline calls through the same. We can use finger taps for next track, previous track, wake up voice assistant, play/pause. Also, we can press for 3 seconds to switch devices and press for 5 seconds when receiving a call.

Mi TWS 2 comes with double-tap to answer/decline the calls. Moreover, while double-tapping the left bud, we can wake up the voice assistant. Also, on the right, we can double-tap to play/pause the music.

Realme Buds Air comes with the Realme link app support where we get some extra features and gesture customizations. However, by default we can use double-tap to answer a call, play/pause music playback, triple-tap to switch to the next song and press hold one side to end call and press and hold for voice assistant.

Mi TWS 2 vs OnePlus Buds vs Realme Buds Air Specs


OnePlus Buds Mi TWS 2

Realme Buds Air


Touch Sensors


Bluetooth 5.0


30-Hours [With Case]

7-Hours [Without Case]

14-Hours [With Case]

4-Hours [Without Case]

17-Hours [With Case]

3-Hours [Without Case]

Charging Time

1.2-Hours 1.1-Hours



10 meters

Charging Port

USB Type-C

Wireless Charging




13.4mm 14.2mm


Least Latency

109ms Unspecified


Price (Rs.)

4,990 4,499


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Best TWS Under Rs 5000: Our Verdict

The best is said to be an all-rounder—the one which works best for entertainment, gaming, and user experience with proper pricing. If you have less budget and want to get your hands on a good TWS, then you can go for the Realme Buds Air as with 12mm driver it gives decent audio quality, and it is the only one to have the support of wireless charging and gaming mode. However, if you can spend Rs. 5,000 then you can go with OnePlus Buds for better audio quality, battery life, and latency. Nevertheless, wireless earphones/TWS are not recommended for gaming. If you need them particularly for gaming, then it is recommended to go with wired earphones.

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