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Oppo to launch a smartwatch, AR Glasses and more in 2020



Oppo has announced their Oppo Inno Day 2019 event in Shenzhen, China. This event is organised for the innovations which have been done last year and about to come next year. So, in the Inno Day 2019, Oppo has announced some exciting gadgets for the users which will available in 2020. Last year, the company announced the 10X Periscope Zoom in their smartphones and Under-Screen Camera technology. Now, this year we will see the Oppo Smartwatch, Oppo 5G Hub, new Oppo Earbuds, AR and more. By all this, we can expect that the coming year will be full of innovations. Therefore, read the full article to know more about the upcoming gadgets and their features and also check out Oppo Smartwatch launch date in India and Oppo Smartwatch price in India:

Oppo Inno Day 2019:

In the Inno Day 2019 event which was organised in China. Many new tech innovations have announced such as the Oppo Smartwatch, Home, AR, Earbuds, 5G Hub and more. This all devices will we available in the upcoming year 2020. Therefore, read all the features and important updates about the gadgets:

Oppo Smartwatch:

Oppo has teased its upcoming Smartwatch which will be more efficient than the Apple & Xiaomi Smartwatch. In the image, it is clear that the watch design is very similar to the Apple Smartwatch. Also, we are expecting that it will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3000 Processor that we are seeing in the Xiaomi Smartwatch. It is likely to run on the WearOS by Google. There is no info about the screen size and build quality. The Smartwatch will be based on AI and deep learning which will be helpful to the users and to their smartphones. We are expecting that the Smartwatch will likely to feature 5G/Wi-Fi Connectivity but there is no info about it.

Oppo Earbuds & AR Glasses:

Oppo has also announced two new gadgets which are exciting for the users. The first one is the Earbuds and the second one is AR Glasses. There will be new truly wireless earbuds which have been announced after seeing the craze of the users. As we have seen that Realme is going to unveil their truly wireless earbuds then Oppo has also announced it. In the first image, you can see the Oppo Earbuds are much similar to the toothbrush form. We are expecting good connectivity with it and likely that it will give good user interface.

The other gadget is AR Glasses which is in the works for giving a new tech to the users. It will come with the fisheye camera, 3D Reconstruction and diffractive guide technology which will help the users in works of Augmented Reality (AR). So, by it users can do there works in the field of graphics smoothly.

Oppo 5G Hub:

The next gadget that is announced is Oppo 5G CPE Hub. As all the companies are moving to 5G smartphone and the 5G is making its way in the coming years. So, there is a good news for those who don’t want to switch to 5G Phones because of there budget. Oppo 5G Hub will help in the conncetivity of 5G Network. Yes, by using this gadget you will be able to surf 5G on your mobile by connecting to it. It will work as a router in the Home or any workplace.

You can see in the images that there are 5 Ports and two buttons consist of USB, LAN1, LAN 2/WAN, Phone, Charging Port. The two dedicated buttons are Switch On/Off and WPS. The WPS button will help you join your phones and devices fastly and easier. On the front, there is notifications light and on the top branding of Oppo. Its design is much similar to the Google Home. In the Hub, you can put your 5G SIM and you can connect 1000 devices at the same time. It will be powered by the Snapdragon X55 Modem and supports sub-6Hz 5G connectivity. You can connect your devices with Bluetooth, Wi-fi and more. On the front, you can see the notifications light for the 4G, 5G, Wi-fi and Power On/Off light. It will help the users in knowing all the information about the connectivity more easily.

Oppo Smartwatch Launch Date in India:

As all the devices have announced in the Inno Day 2019 which was organised in China. So, we are expecting that all the devices will be available in 2020. Therefore, the company will launch the devices in the Q1 2020.

Oppo Smartwatch Price in India:

As all the gadgets have announced but there is no info about their pricing. So, the Smartwatch is expected to come around Rs. 15,000 and the AR Glasses is likely to come around Rs. 30,000. The other gadget, the Oppo Hub is expected to come around Rs. 10,000 and the Truly wireless earbuds are expected to come around Rs. 5,000. 

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