Oppo Under Screen Camera Phone coming with no Buttons and Ports



A few months ago, Oppo has teased the prototype of the under-display camera. Also, Oppo has unveiled it at MWC and we also know that after teasing of the under-display camera. Xiaomi also teased video that they are also working on the under-screen display camera phone. But, at that, there was no news that when they will come in our hands. Now, there is good news that Oppo is going to launch its Oppo Under Screen Camera Phone. As the Oppo Under Screen Camera Phone features and some of its camera samples have been leaked. Even there are leaked pictures of the under-display camera phone and at first glance, you will be not able to find the camera. Some leaks also suggest that there will be no ports and not buttons. Therefore, read the full article to know Oppo Under Display Camera Price and Oppo Under Screen Camera Phone launch:

Oppo Under Screen Camera Phone Features:

When you see in the image the device is looking so stylish and premium. It is much like the famous Reno Series phone. As there were leaks that the Oppo is working on the Under-display camera. After this, some new leaks suggest that the Oppo Under Screen Camera Phone will come with no ports and no buttons.

Also, in the image, you can clearly see that there are no ports and no buttons. So, it means Oppo is not only bringing the camera under the screen also they are removing buttons from the device. It is both good and bad for the users. The good thing is that users will be getting new innovations in their phones. As there is no dedicated button so the device will likely to get touch support.

The leaks suggest that the new phone will come with no ports by which it will give pretty looks but it can be bad for the users. As there are no ports, the device will likely to support the wireless charging. For transferring the file you can connect your device to other. However, Oppo can introduce new software to get rid of it. In the below images, you can see the rectangular camera inside the display. It is hard for anyone to find it in one glance. So this work done by the Oppo is amazing. You can also see the camera sample leaked of Oppo Under Screen Camera below:

Oppo Under Display Camera Samples:

You can see the camera samples are very exciting. The samples are of good quality. Even the camera inside the display but it is working very much similar to the normal selfie camera. Oppo is working on the under-display camera much so it will likely to give interesting things to the users.

Oppo Under Screen Camera Phone Launch:

As the project is currently running. So, it seems that the under-display camera will launch soon. But, it is not confirmed so we are expecting that it will likely to launch at the end of 2020.

Oppo Under Display Camera Price:

As there is no confirmation about the price. But we are expecting that it will likely to come around Rs. 50,000.

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