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PC Build of the Week: INR 30K Gaming PC, Can It Really Game?



The prices of GPU and other PC components are lowering and this is a good time for you to build a PC. The prices of PC components and hardware have been skyrocketing for some time now, but it is changing. Keeping this in mind, the PC build of the week is dedicated to all the budget lovers. We focus on components that give out the best performance while being in the budget of INR 30,000. This PC will be able to handle gaming, 1080p video editing and even programs like Adobe Photoshop.

NOTE: To keep the build under budget, we have opted for a pre-owned GPU. Availability and pricing of the same will depend on your region. All the other components are new.

Processor: Intel Core i3 12100F

This is the best budget gaming processor that you can buy with today’s prices. The Intel Core i3 12100F is a quad-core processor, with 8 threads. Along with that, you also get 4 performance cores. Since it is an Intel 12th gen CPU, the base clock and boost clock of the CPU is also very good. The 3.3GHz base clock and up to 4.3GHz boost clock can handle most tasks without feeling laggy or choppy. You can also use a DDR5 RAM with this CPU with frequency up to 4800Mhz. It supports higher frequency RAM and if you want to pair DDR4 RAM with it, you can take it up to 3200MHz. The price of the CPU is currently floating under the INR 10,000 mark, and it is a good deal for that price.

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050Ti

As mentioned above, for this PC build of the week, we are suggesting a pre-owned GPU. If you want to stick to a new GPU for this budget, the best options are the Nvidia GT 1030 or the Quadro T400. Both these GPUs will not give you a good performance as they are older. The Nvidia GTX 1050Ti comes with 4 GB VRAM and can handle most games even today. This GPU is available at INR 6,000-7,000 in the pre-owned market. However, you might not get the same GPU in your region, but if you get other GPUs like the 750Ti, 1060 or the Rx 570, then you should go for them. They are good GPUs and will deliver a good performance. Getting a good deal in the pre-owned market is tough, but with a little research online and offline, you might be able to get a good deal.

The GPU can give a good performance in online multiplayer games, and can handle smooth gaming on 1080p medium settings. For video editing, you can easily edit 1080p video clips with this GPU, and it handles Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom well too.

Motherboard: H610

The H610 is a very basic motherboard that supports the newer Intel 12th generation CPUs. You can use it with the i3 processor and the i5 processor as well. It comes with 2 RAM slots and 1 NVMe slot. The VRM sections in the motherboard are also decent that will not let the processor or the motherboard heat up much. These motherboards are selling for a slightly higher price because the newer Intel CPUs have just launched, but the prices are expected to drop soon. You can currently buy this motherboard for INR 6,800-7,000 which is slightly overpriced.

Memory: 8 GB

8 GB RAM might not sound very convincing to a lot of people, but since this a budget build and the motherboard only has 2 RAM slots, it is best to go with a single 8 GB stick to start with. For gaming, light editing, and photo editing, 8 GB RAM will be enough. Using a high-frequency RAM will definitely increase the performance and the response of the build. You can add another RAM stick in the future, but for this build, we are sticking to single RAM stick configuration. This is priced at INR 3,000 to 3,200. The brand of the RAM is completely up to you.


The storage option for the build is again a personal choice. If you want to install more games and software, then going with an HDD is a better option. However, if you can make upgrades shortly after building the PC, then going for an SSD will be a wiser choice. It will make the system more responsive and snappy. We recommend adding a 256 GB SSD to start with, other additions can be made later. It will get your PC running, and will make it feel smoother. An NVMe SSD will cost around INR 3,000.

Power Supply

Since this is a budget build, it would not consume a lot of power. Adding a 450W power supply will be able to handle the system well. You can choose to go with the Cooler Master 450W PSU, but if you want to look at more affordable options, Antec can be a good choice too. A 450W PSU will also leave scope for future upgrades. The PSU will be able to handle all the tasks that the PC can and will perform. The Antec PSUs are available for INR 2,000-2,200 whereas, the Cooler Master PSU is available for around INR 2,700-2,800.


The cabinet here is also a personal choice. If you want a minimalist look, then any cheap cabinet with a good airflow will work. However, if you want some RGB gaming aesthetic for your build, the Ant Esports Ice 200TG. It comes with a mesh front, acrylic panel on the side, and magnetic dust filter on top. The cabinet provides good airflow, and also has options for upgrades. It will cost you around INR 3,000.

Performance Overview

The entire PC build will cost around INR 30,000-32,000. It depends on the prices of the components at the time, and the availability. The performance on this PC is good for its price. You can enjoy 1080p gaming on medium settings with constant 60 or above FPS. If you are playing older triple-A titles, the PC can handle high graphics settings as well. You can also edit 1080p videos on this PC build, but you might struggle if you want to stream.

This was the PC build of the week. For more such builds, keep an eye on Techburner.

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