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PUBG Building Names in PUBG Map Erangel with its advantage



There were some leaks that PUBG is getting the much-awaited helicopter, grenade and rocket launcher in next update. It will be including combat vehicle which is a tank and it can run on both water and land. These things will be available in a specific area in PUBG Map Erangel and in other maps. Erangel is the best PUBG Mobile loot map and it is also getting an update in next PUBG Update. So, everyone is playing PUBG but no one is knowing to from where we will get extra loots and other things. Therefore, In this article, we will provide you with the PUBG Building Names which are in PUBG Mobile Map. You will also find the best location of PUBG Map Loot:

PUBG Building Names in PUBG Map Erangel:

PUBG has become the most successful game because of its some good features like Voice Chat, easily team-up and much more. So, while playing PUBG you have seen many houses and sometimes it is difficult to tell their name to your teammates. Therefore, here is all building names which is the best place for PUBG Map loot:


It is the smaller part of Tool Shed. You can use this place for hiding from sniper battle. But, it can be smoked easily and there is only one entrance/exit doors. This place is also used for restoring health and reloading weapons.

Tool Shed:

It is the best place to find ammo and health. You can also apply bandages and can hide when sniping. But, anyone can easily through the frag grenade and entrance/exit door will be blocked the vehicle easily.

Wizard Tower/Sniper Nest:

It is the best place for sniping in all the direction but anyone can throw frag grenade or smoke grenade easily. But, all player get to this place so be alert while going into it.


It is one of the best places for the loot. You will get most of the supply here but many players came here so it might be dangerous in some cases. It attracts a lot of players and there are also many houses by which enemies can easily snipe you.

Guard Tower: 

It is good to see over a large area at a time in all direction and you can also hide here easily for sniping over your enemies. But, it is not much covered so, if any enemy sees you then it is better to get out of this place.

Watch Tower:

It is an ancient version of the guard tower and you can hide here temporary when sniped and for restoring health and reloading weapons.

Wooden Shack:

You will find ammo in this shack and most of it is 9mm and you can also restore health and reload your weapons here but enemies can snipe on you. They can also throw grenades easily as there is no cover.

Two Story Building:

There are a lot of windows which allow you to snipe over your enemies but if any of your pro enemies see you then you can be in danger. Another squad can easily rush to you and because of many windows they can also throw grenades and it might also help you in getting out from here.

Three Story Building:

It is much alike Two Story Building. Another squad can rush easily but you can keep an eye on your enemies easily. Here you will find a sufficient amount of ammo and bandages.

Bedouin Shop:

It is one of the best places to camp because you can spot to a different location when hiding. By it, you can easily go to different houses which is nearby.


In PUBG Mobile Map it is one of the best loot places. As here you will find most of the loots but it attracts most of the players. So, be alert while going to it. Anyone can rush to you because there are two doors for entrance/exit.

Garage House:

It is a good place for the teammates as they can park their vehicle here easily. They can also keep an eye over their enemies in all directions. Here you will get much amount of ammo and bandage.

Old Church:

This is the best place for the guys who are pro in sniping because by this you can get a clear view of other houses without letting them know. But, other teammates have to take care of the enemy who is coming to them because anyone can easily rush into it as there is a lot of windows and it is not covered.

Attic House: 

This is one of the hiding spots of players because they can easily rush to the enemy when they enter the house by listening to the footsteps. So, only a few times there will be some ammo or bandage available.

Two Story Shop:

It is the best PUBG Mobile loot Map house. Here you will find all the loots regarding your survival and you can also campaign in it but enemies can rush into it easily as there are multiple floors.


This building has a wider space and good for sniping. Enemies can rush into it easily as there are a no. of windows available.

Large Rectangle:

In this building, you can share ammo and bandage easily but there are most of the chances of the campaign when the number of alive is less than 20.

Small Rectangle:

It is a good location for temporary hiding from sniping and reloading weapons and restoring health. Many times there are enemies when you open the door as it is small in the area so it can be dangerous for you.

Super Market:

Enemies can easily rush to this place as there are sufficient doors and it is not much covered. Loots are not available for entire team members.

Petrol Pump:

This location is famous as the mid-points. Ammo and Bandage are available but enemies always came here.


It is also known as Barn. Here you will find a good amount of loots as well as you can hide here. But, enemies can easily rush here but you can get out from here from the first floor easily if rushed.

Plank House:

You will find great loots here as well as you will not know when you are about to attack as there is less cover.

Green Grocery:

It has not enough coverage but you will get bandages and grenades from here. You can restore your health as not so many players consider this place.


It has a lot of space available for spreading as well as here you will find great loots. You can campaign as well as hide here but it is only available some locations.


It provides sufficient space for hiding but enemies can rush if you are not alert. You will find loot here but it will be not available in sufficient amounts.


This is the best place for loot as it provides a huge amount of loot and has a lot of rooms which helps in sniping. You can try to rush but it is different to find the enemies as there are many exits.

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