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PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update: Ledge Grab Mechanism, Payload Mode



PUBG Mobile Update coming this month and will be bringing the much-awaited features in it. We all know that every time Tencent Games is updating PUBG to make it a more lovable game. Recently, Call of Duty Mobile has been released and it is much similar to the PUBG and installed over 100M+. So, for attracting users to play PUBG it is required to bring new features. Therefore, PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update will be bringing new features. Helicopters and launchers will be added in the PUBG Update 0.15.0. Also, PUBG 0.15.0 update patch notes are leaked. Therefore, read the full article to know more about the interesting update:

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update:

The new PUBG 0.15.0 Update is bringing some cool features like Helicopters, Grenades Launchers, Combat Vehicle and more. So, here is detailed information about it:

Ledge Grab Climbing Mechanism:

This is the new feature that is going to be added in the PUBG Mobile Update. The climbing feature in the PUBG will be added. By this, you can climb on the houses and more to defend/kill enemies. It will bring another level of gaming in PUBG and players will use this feature in hiding some places. We are expecting that this feature will give you the way to survive more in Zombie Modes as only you will be able to climb. So, it will help you to protect from Zombies as well as from enemies. Therefore, enjoy this feature and find cool hiding places from where you can kill enemies. Users can climb up to 2.5m from the land. For Climbing, the player has to tap twice the jump button to climb on the things.

Amphibious Vehicle:

The new vehicle is Amphibious Vehicle which can be run both on land and water. This will be much stronger and durable than other vehicles. Its tires are durable and bulletproof so it can’t be punctured. It will offer more protection from the red zone and from players. It is replacing the armoured UAZ. So, it may be available at certain places or it can come from Super AirDrop when you are in Red Zone.

Explosive Barrels:

The new update brings out the feature to explode the Gas Cans which were used to fuel your vehicle. Therefore, now you can drop the Gas Cans in a specific place to give damage to your enemies and by firing on the Gas Can it will explode. So, you should be careful while picking up the Gas Cans. You can also throw the gas cans to give damage to your nearby players.

Payload Mode:

The new Payload Mode is now coming to PUBG. This mode will be available in the EvoGround, in this mode You will get Helicopters and different types of launchers. The Helicopters will make space for the whole squad and its top speed will be 200Km/h. The Helicopter has an in-built gun by which you can both fly and fire on your enemies. Therefore, as this is an advantage to players so the Launchers are also being added which will give damage to Helicopters and enemies. The Launchers are available in two types: Rocket and Grenade. The Grenade launcher will have 10 magazines while the Rocket launchers have 1 magazine. RPG-7 and M3E1-A are rocket launchers and M79(40mm Grenade) and MGL(40mm Grenade) are grenade launchers. A machine gun is also going to be added in the game which will be M134(7.62mm ammo).

PUBG Mobile update is coming on 16th October and officially confirmed by the PUBG Mobile. The download size will be around 1GB(expected).

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