Realme 8 5G Spotted on a Certification Site with Model RMX3241



On the 24th of March, realme launched its #CaptureInfinity devices in the Realme 8-series. The Realme 8-series doesn’t seem to be a good upgrade over its previous generation of Realme 7-series. However, the disappointment might not last long as Realme confirmed that they will soon bring the 5G version of the Realme 8-series. It might result in a worthy upgrade over its previous generation and even the Realme 8-series itself as none of them was featuring 5G.

Credits: NBTC Certification

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New reports have surfaced online that revealed that Realme 8’s 5G variant is not far away from its arrival. Realme 8 5G was caught on the NBTC site. NBTC is Thailand’s certification site, and it does not reveal any specifications about the Realme 8-series. However, one thing that the site revealed was Realme 8 5G model number, which is RMX3241, contradictory to the 4G version having model number RMX3085. We hope that more details will be revealed soon, so be in touch with us to know more.

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