Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Oppo Enco TWS Vs Mi TWS 2: TWS Comparison



To get the perfect clear vocal and treble, we spent an ample amount on earphones. Some of you are also gamers right here and searching for the best earphones for the great gameplay. We all have seen Apple Airpods in the list of top TWS earphones in the market. But now brands like Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme taking it over. Realme made on 2nd place in the top TWS market. For daily usage, we prefer the best sound quality with durability under the budget. Under the budget, we have three brands with TWS. We are going to do the Ulitmate TWS showdown between Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Oppo Enco TWS Vs Mi TWS 2. We will discuss in-depth about the Oppo Enco Free TWS Vs Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Mi TWS 2 specs. Further, we will also look at Oppo Enco TWS Vs  Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Mi TWS 2 price in India.

Oppo Enco Free TWS Vs Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Mi  TWS 2 Specs


Starting with the design, Realme Buds Air Neo looks similar to the Apple AirPods. The charging case is made up of plastic. Again we will see the round button on the case for pairing the Buds with our smartphone. Also, there are small LEDs that will indicate the battery level of the buds. Also, we will get a Micro USB port for charging. The Realme Buds Air Neo will come in three colours — White, Green and Red. The overall difference between Realme Buds Air and Neo is the wireless charging and improvement in the driver.

Going over to Oppo Enco free TWS which also looks quite similar to the Apple AirPods. Here we find some changes in the position of a button and branding. In the front, we will see an Oppo branding on a small silver plate, and if we talk about the side look, it has a power-on/off button on the right side to pair.

And the end if we talk about the Mi TWS 2, it comes with a different unique design. The Mi TWS 2 case differs from other TWS, including Apple Airpods. While every TWS case is round in shape and on the other hand, the Mi TWS 2 has a flat surface from the upper side and lower side. On the right side, we will see a power button—Lets go-ahead to the Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Mi TWS 2 specs.

Connectivity, Battery, and Charging

Every TWS quality depends on its connectivity. Mi TWS 2 supports Bluetooth 5.0, which offers a better and stable connection with your phone up to 10 meters. Although it does not have ANC, Environment Noise Cancelation (ENC) reduces noise during the call. If we compare it to the Realme Buds Air Neo, it comes with support for Bluetooth 5.0 and can pair with only one device at a time. Let’s look at the Oppo Enco Free. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which offers fast connectivity. Even with this, we get noise cancellation technology for reducing noise during the call. Talking about the Realme Air Buds Neo battery life with 17 hours of total playback. It will give 3 hours of single playback—unfortunately, No wireless charging this time. But we have seen an improvement in battery life though. We will see a Micro USB charging port.

Jumping over to our next Oppo Enco Free TWS Vs Mi TWS 2. Oppo Enco comes with 25 hours of playback and 5+20 hours of music playback on a single charge. If we talk about the Mi TWS 2, it will give 15 hours of playback and 4 hours of usage on a single charge. Comparing all three at time Oppo is providing a bigger battery than other but it costs higher than other TWS. Let’s the go-ahead to Realme Buds Air Neo vs Oppo Enco TWS vs Mi TWS 2 sound quality.

Sound Quality

The most important thing comes here – Sound Quality. Realme Buds Air Neo comes with a 13mm large driver to provide both deep, powerful bass and clear treble. Also with that, there is a Realme developed audio chipset Realme R1 which transmits data faster for a better experience. We can say that this is better for gaming too. Low Latency Mode will make perfect sync between video and audio while playing games and doing other stuff. Moving ahead to Oppo Enco Free gets 13.4 mm, dynamic driver. Oppo also claims that it supports data simultaneous data transfer. Mi TWS 2 comes with 14.2mm Dynamic Driver for rich and balanced sound output. Apart from this, it has LHDC high definition technology which offers better sound quality. In the driver section Mi TWS 2 taking over.


We all prefer gestures on TWS because it makes the daily task more comfortable like responding to call and play/pause the music. Moreover, all three TWS comes with amazing and similar gestures options. Mi TWS 2 comes with Double Tap gesture to answer and cut the call,  double-tap (Left) to call voice assistant, right double tap to play, and pause in both ears. It will automatically play pause when you plugged in and plug off the TWS. In Realme Air Buds Neo double-tap to answer a call, play/pause music playback, triple-tap: to switch to the next song and press hold one side to end call and press and hold to call voice assistant. Moving on to the Oppo Free, it has something extra than others. We can control volume by swiping up and down on the right earbuds, can pick a call by tapping the left earbuds, if we do tap and hold we will get assistant. These were the Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Mi TWS 2 specs. Check Out Oppo Enco TWS Vs Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Mi TWS 2 Price in India.

Oppo Enco TWS Vs Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Mi TWS 2 Price In India

Realme Buds Air Neo priced at INR 2,999. On the other side Oppo Enco Free cost for INR 7,999. While the Mi TWS 2 is priced at Rs. 4,499 in India. However, Oppo Enco price is too high, but some features are great in Oppo Enco Free. Let’s decide which is better.


Results Time! So we have gone through to Realme Buds Air Neo Vs Oppo Enco TWS Vs Mi TWS 2 specs. Mi TWS comes with the biggest driver while the Oppo Enco Free offers the best battery life. Gestures are almost the same in all three TWS.

Moreover, if you buy Oppo Enco, you will get four different size earbuds that you can change according to your comfort. The most important part is the pricing. Realme Buds Air Neo comes at INR 2,999 and Mi Comes at INR 4,499, and the most expensive Oppo Enco comes at INR 7,999. According to the price Realme Buds Air Neo is the best. If you have a budget of INR 3,000 so, you can go for Realme Buds Air Neo without any doubt. Unfortunately, wireless charging is missing, which is not a big deal under this price. If you want to spend INR 3,000 extra just for 25 hours, then Oppo Enco Free is the better option. Otherwise, Mi TWS 2 offers the best specs possible at INR 4,499.

That’s all for this article. Tell us your opinion. Which one would you like to buy?

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