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Realme X Custom ROM Download and Custom Kernel Sources Released



Realme launched the Realme X in July 2019 which was received by the Indian market auspiciously. Although it received a few questions about the old Snapdragon 710 chipset, more or less, it was a decent device. Especially, AMOLED and Pop-Up with a full-screen display in the mid-range made a lot of buyers go crazy. In October, just 3-months later, Realme shipped units to the custom kernel and ROM developers. Until now, we already have Realme X Custom ROM download support for LineageOS 16, which is a quite popular custom ROM. Also, there is an unofficial release of TWRP recovery to enhance the flashing experience. Now there is 5 more Realme X Custom ROM download available for the users.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for all the work you do to your device. Make sure you follow the steps mentioned by developers correctly. Techburner is not responsible for any harm/damage caused to your device/warranty be it in monetary terms or emotional.

arter97 Custom Kernel for Realme X Download:

arter97 released the first custom kernel for the Realme X which includes better battery management, UFS optimization, WireGuard support, etc. Point to be noted, his Kernel works with LineageOS 16 and doesn’t support stock ColorOS. Although we can assume that it will work with other AOSP ROMs.

As a down point, arter97, who is a reputed custom kernel developer, isn’t happy with the development for the Realme X. He describes the development as “HORRIBLE” with Realme hiding a lot of source codes which is not being developer-friendly. He has addressed his issues to the organization in his twitter thread.

arter97 Kernel for Realme X Download

Realme X Custom ROM Download- Pixel Experience:

Source: Realme Community


  • Pixel-like interface.
  • GCam support.
  • Stock Android.
  • Android 9 Pie-based.
  • All Google Services and Apps pre-installed.


  • Fingerprint registers, but doesn’t unlock.

Pixel Experience for Realme X Download

Realme X Custom ROM Download- HavocOS:

Source: Realme Community


  • If you’re bored with Stock, HavocOS is completely opposite.
  • Tons of customization features.
  • Supports arter97’s custom Kernel.


  • The fingerprint sensor doesn’t work.

HavocOS for Realme X Download

Realme X Custom ROM Download- CandyROM:

Source: Realme Community


  • Features a lot of customizations for your Realme X.
  • Lock Screen Personalization.
  • Status bar customization.


  • Finger-print sensor issues.
  • Video Calling via LTE doesn’t work.
  • Beta-staged ROM.

CandyROM for Realme X Download

Realme X Custom ROM Download- Resurrection Remix:

Source: Realme Community


  • Popular in community, faster bug fix support.
  • Stock interface.
  • Android 9 Pie-based.


  • No VoLTE support.
  • Fingerprint issues.
  • No included keyboard, third-party install compulsory.

Resurrection Remix for Realme X Download

Realme X Custom ROM Download- Extended AOSP:

Lastly, we now also have an unofficial build of the AOSP Extended ROM for the realme X based on Android 9 Pie. Unlike all the other ROMs on this list, this ROM has no known issues with the fingerprint scanner or VoLTE. However, you might encounter a bug with the WiFi hotspot feature. Thankfully, the developer has included a fix in the post, which you can follow to avoid this altogether. Download Android Extended ROM on your phone from the link below.


  • Stock interface.
  • No issues with the fingerprint scanner.
  • No VoLTE issues.


  • WiFi Hotspot doesn’t work, although the fix is included in the download thread.

Extended AOSP for Realme X Download

Source and Credits: Realme Community and XDA Developers.

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