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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra gets Golden OX look



Caviar has celebrated the Lunar New year in a different way by giving Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Golden Ox Look. It’s the year of Ox so the theme of Galaxy S21 Ultra is based on it. There are two versions available of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

On the Galaxy S21 Ultra Golden Ox edition, there is a face of a Golden bull with two diamonds on both eyes. There is a round golden ring that passes through the bull’s nose and the ring is made of 24-carat gold. There are only 21 units available of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Golden Ox edition.

The other one is with an 18-carat gold back panel with a textured line made on the panel which creates 21. So before we tell you the price please sid down. The Golden OX edition price is Rs 14,59,000 and the price of the Golden 21 edition is Rs 56,17,000.


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