Kvadrat Recycling Plastic For Samsung Galaxy S20+ Cases



We all have seen Samsung coming up with new technology every time. Samsung made Huge Fan Base in India by its legendary phones. But this time Samsung made it to another level, its like something out of the box. Now you will think, How? Samsung, a company that looks for a better future. Samsung is giving its best to change people’s life. Whether we are talking about technology or Nature. Recently Samsung partners with Kvadrat, Kvadrat is a Danish textile brand that sells textile-related products to architects, designers and private consumers worldwide. Samsung decided for his Samsung S20+ Series. Samsung partners Kvadrat, a company known for his Scandinavian design tradition, and also acquired the European Union’s Eco-label certification under strict Judgments. Kvadrat recycling plastic for Samsung smartphone. Therefore Read further to know more about the Samsung smartphone case recycling process.


Kvadrat recycling plastic for the Latest Samsung Galaxy S20+ phone cases and other accessories. Also, Kvadrat will reuse  500ml plastic bottles for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Phone case. Kvadrat re-purpose the plastic bottle, melt them and transform the plastic bottles in the structure of Samsung Galaxy s20+ Phone Cases. Kvadrat recycling plastic for Samsung smartphone in a way that a single plastic bottle can make 2 Samsung Galaxy S20+ Phone Case. It is the best way to use creativity without harming Nature.

How Kvadrat recycling plastic for Samsung?

Kvadrat recycling plastic for Samsung like the number of Plastic bottles in junkyards will decrease. If the number of plastic bottles will decrease automatically, there will cause no harm to Nature anymore. No damage to our land. And another fantastic thing is that the process of making phone cases is entirely traditional. There will be no use of factories. And we know factories produce lots of Carbon Dioxide. Samsung smartphone case by Kvadrat process will be eco friendly. And it preserves non-renewable energy resources.

Source: globalcitizen.org

Samsung smartphone case by Kvadrat will be made of 500ml plastic bottles, No use of chemicals in the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S20+ Cases. It is the first among significant brands taken this great initiative to do something good for Nature also.

Last year Samsung partnered with the UN Development program to support sustainable development. One of the biggest challenges was climate change. This time a portion of the sales revenue by Samsung smartphone case by Kvadrat will donate to UNDP in support of the 17 Global Goals.

How to Purchase a Samsung Smartphone Case by Kvadrat?

For purchasing the Samsung Global Goals edition case, Galaxy users can download the  Global Goals App from Samsungs Official website or Play Store, wherever you wish too.  With the app, users can learn more about each of the Global Goals and the issues they seek to tackle with detailed information, facts and figures on each Goal available. Here you can also help raise money for the Global Goals. The first way is to donate money on you can directly donate your amount on UNDP Official Website. Secondly, by collecting ad revenue for the UNDP whenever users interact with ads on the app.

Overall it is an excellent initiative by Samsung. To make a product that makes every user proud.

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