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Study or Gaming: Can One Replace the Other?



Study or Gaming

Gaming has catered to a large audience in the last couple of years. This has led to great growth in the popularity of esports among students and the younger audience. This has led to a greater global debate between studying and gaming. The parental perspective on this debate is that education is important to lay the foundation for a solid and reliable future. The primary focus needs to be on studies and education. Multiple sets of parents have also expressed the importance of a college degree in life. The question of study or gaming has even divided parents, where one set of parents believe that kids should be given a certain amount of space and freedom for deciding what they want to do with their lives. The other set of parents believes that education is important, and it should not be compromised for something like gaming.

Arguments in Study or Gaming Debate

Gaming is Recreational

One of the major and frequently given argument in this debate is that gaming is a recreational activity. Games were designed and launched as a medium of entertainment and relaxation. With time and the advancement in technology, the industry grew and became a competitive industry. Online multiplayer games have taken the front seat in making gaming a global phenomenon. The ability to be in a different country and participate in a tournament has made people more drawn toward gaming. Gaming can now earn revenue and an audience base for you.

Not Everyone Games

The popularity of gaming is growing every minute, but it still does not come close to academics. Everyone does not game, and some people do not even like to indulge in gaming. However, people who do enjoy indulging in gaming should not be judged based on this fact. The larger argument of this debate is that almost everyone studies, but everyone does not game. People who have made it big in the gaming industry are less because the industry is fairly new. Academics have been around for centuries, therefore, the comparison is not just.

Gaming Generates Returns Faster

The above 2 arguments were in favour of academics and studying, but that is just one side of the debate. Gaming is not a bad career option, nor does it have a dead end. Gaming can help you branch out into multiple career avenues. Streaming, coaching, and managing a team, are just a few examples of the multiple careers that you can choose without any academic support.

One thing that is required to boom as a gamer, is skills. Gaming is a skill-driven industry and profession. You need to have a good skill set to succeed in the industry. Another thing that is equally important to get faster returns from gaming is the audience. Interacting with the audience helps in expanding the viewers’ base, and in expanding the community. There are multiple examples where gamers as young as 13 years old have started generating income within the first year of starting out.

Streaming is even more effective as the audience can make donations to you directly, adding to the income. This branch of gaming is also more interactive and helps in developing a personal bond with the audience and the community.


The study or gaming debate can never come to an end since both sides can come up with their own arguments that will make sense, and will have a logical approach. An ideal way to approach this debate is to take the balanced route. Gaming can be done on the side, and passive income can also be generated. However, if you are a student, this should not be a motivating factor for you to leave academics. Unless there is a proper opportunity to make a career in gaming, academics do not need to take a back seat.

Having a certain academic background can also work as a cushion for the future, and so can gaming if you are skilled but want to focus on academics for the time being. Keeping these things in mind, one should make a decision. So to answer the question, NO!! One can not replace the other. For more such interesting takes and stories, follow Techburner.

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