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Tips to Boost your WiFi Speed



Nowadays internet has become one of our most important needs. Without internet, many of us won’t even be able to stay connected with the world and work properly. Since 2020, when COVID was first started, the Indian Government had to put a lockdown to stop the spread of the virus most offices had to work from home. During that time internet was the only way to work properly from home. However, sometimes many of us had to face the slow connection problem while working from home. But as the spread of the virus had slowed down offices are opened again. One thing that remained the same in slow internet connection. Today, in this article, we are going to share some tips with you through which you will be able to increase your WiFi speed. We have made a list of tips to boost your WiFi speed. To keep your regular fast speed intact use these tips to boost your WiFi speed and enjoy the hassle-free internet anytime. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Tips to Boost your WiFi Speed

Here are some tips that we are going to share with you today, which can help you increase your WiFi internet speed:

Locate the spot in your home with the best connection speed

One of the reasons for the slow internet connection could be the placement of your WiFi router. To solve this issue, you have to walk around your home to find the perfect spot for your router with the device in hand. Once you have found the right spot for your router, you don’t have to sit in that awkward places that you used to for a good internet connection.

Troubleshoot router problems

If your home is big and you are unable to receive good connection speed all over the place then a range extender can be used to extend its network. However, there are many other reasons due to which a WiFi speed may vary, download the WiFi signal testing app to find out the signal interference. If you find your internet connection sluggish try upgrading the router or the modem cable.

Extend the range of your WiFi network

One reason for low internet speed could be the range of your WiFi network. The best and easiest way to solve this problem is by installing a WiFi extender. For those who don’t know what is WiFi extender is, you don’t have to worry. It’s a device which helps you to boost your WiFi signal and provide you with good internet speed with more range. So, if you are facing a limited range problem then just a simple extender can solve this problem.

Pick the best location for your router

The one mistake most people make while installing WiFi in their homes is placing the router at the place where other home appliances or walls can minimize its speed and range. Which can lead to interrupted connection while working or talking over a video call with someone on an important matter. Make sure to place the router at a place where all the rooms in your home are covered. So no other electric appliances can minimize its range.

Update your router whenever an update is available

One reason for the slow internet connection could be the delayed software update. Yes, we know that device updates and motivation reminders can be annoying but you shouldn’t ignore them. Make sure to update your router every time when you receive an update because it guards you and your data against all malware attacks.


If you are in the same situation as most of us and tired of using low internet speed. All the above-mentioned tips can help you to boost your WiFi internet speed. You will be able to again use a lag-free internet connection on all your devices without any issues. All will be left to choose a good internet provider and perfect data plan. As per your usage and the number of devices that you are going to use to consume the internet. So without any more delay use these tips and boost your WiFi speed.

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