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Top 10 Android 13 New Features And Updates



In October last year, Android 12 rolled out with lots of advanced features for users. We got a slew of security updates and enhanced performance. So, definitely, it has set the bar for expectations, and Google has to ensure the forthcoming release will be out of the box. Currently, Android 13 is in the Developer Preview phase but a decent image of what the coming update will look like is emerging. The codename for this release will be ‘Tiramisu’. We are expecting the stable Android 13 release date in August of this year. Before that, there should be four beta versions as per Google’s schedule. Of course, nothing is fixed in stone, so don’t be shocked if Google alters the official release date. In this post, we will discuss Android 13 new features and confirmed updates from Android 13 developer preview 2. 

Top Upcoming Android 13 New Features

Change In Looks (Material You Modifications)

With Material You, Android 12 delivered one of the most important UI updates. From wallpaper-based color palette settings to more understandable visuals, it allows you to customize your phone in a more personalized way. And Android 13 will continue to add new functionality and design adjustments to it.

1. Auto Themed Icons:

From the Android 13 developer preview, it’s confirmed that you will see the themed icons. Before you get too excited, note that it will most likely only be accessible on Pixel smartphones at first. Also, you will see a few app icons to change as the developers need to add monochromatic icons for apps to use. So, in the beginning, Android 13 can’t completely revamp the looks and align icons with the theme.

2. More Theme Color Palettes in Android 13 Features:

Four additional palettes relating to various tints and hues will be featured in the color theming options as Android 13 new features. But it’s still not activated in the developer preview. The expected color palette names are Expressive, Spritz, Tonal Spot, and Vibrant.

3. Lock Screen Clock Layout:

Besides the double-line clock layout, you can now see the clock in a single line. 

4. Media Player Widget:

The Now Playing widget in the notification got a new modification. In Android 13, you will see the album cover as the entire background and the buttons are slightly changed.   

Android 13 New Features With Improved Functionality

The major benefits of Android 13 will most likely come as enhanced functionality. 

Scan QR Codes Efficiently

To scan QR codes with Google Lens, open it, aim it at the QR code, and then tap. So, developers have made the process easy by introducing a Quick Tile in Android 13 developer preview 2. Simply pull down the notification and press the Quick Tile to scan the QR code.

Bluetooth LE Audio Support

Bluetooth LE Audio and the Low Complexity Communications Codec will both be supported in Android 13. These two new features of Android 13 will work together to enable music streaming through Bluetooth Low Energy. So, your phone will use substantially less power than classic BR/EDR audio systems.

Multilingual Language Settings- Android 13 New Feature 

If you are bilingual, this new feature of Android 13 will boost your mobile experience. You can set a certain language for specific apps while keeping the rest of the apps in your native language.

Quick Pairing

Fast Pair, which allows you to rapidly pair your phone with accessories, will be another amazing Android 13 feature update. You won’t have to enter Settings, navigate to Connected Devices, and then hit Pair New Device to connect a new device. When Android discovers a new accessory, it will notify you and ask whether you wish to link it with your phone.

Android 13 Security and Privacy Updates

Every new Android update brings with it new security enhancements. Here are some of the security features that Android 13 may have.

Private Photo Picker

This Android 13 new feature will not only make it simpler to choose photographs from local and cloud sources but also enhance security. The apps will not have entire access to your gallery and can access the files you’ve chosen.

Nearby WiFi Devices  

If an app wants to detect neighbouring Wi-Fi devices in current Android versions, it requires location permission. It is a security concern for many. Fortunately, Google is introducing new runtime permission called NEARBY WIFI DEVICES in Android 13. It will allow such apps to find Wi-Fi devices without requiring location permission.

10: Permissions for receiving notifications

In the Android 13 feature update, the apps need to ask for permission before sending notifications. When the newly installed app will launch for the first time, the permissions prompt will show.

Other Android 13 Updates on Various Settings

  • The new Android Resource Economy will keep track of how apps work in the background and what activities they do. It will assign and cancel credits to apps to restrict their future power consumption.
  • Android 13 will include a built-in mechanism that will notify you if an app drains your battery too quickly.
  • It will be much simpler to format the Japanese language so that it is more readable and refined in the future.

  • With adjustable line height, non-Latin scripts (Tamil, Burmese, Telugu, Tibetan, etc.) will now appear better. The bottom parts of these characters will not be chopped off because of this.
  • People who use phonetic letters (such as Japanese and Chinese speakers) will find it simpler to perform searches and have sentences auto-completed. This is because of the addition of a new text conversion API in Android 13.
  • From COLRv1, fonts and emoji will have rendering support. This will speed up the rendering process and ensure that they appear fantastic in any size.

So, that’s all the most interesting new features coming to Android 13. Of course, most of this was based on the developer preview, so anything might change at any time, and nothing is certain right now.

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