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Top 3 Best ways to get Free CP on COD Mobile



As we all know, in terms of battle royal games, COD Mobile is on the top list. The game offers immersive action as well as high-quality graphics and addictive game elements. COD Mobile offers a variety of exclusive items that can be purchased using COD Points (CP), an in-game currency. However, COD points are not available for free and players must cash out money to purchase them. However, as Everyone cannot invest their hard-earned money to buy CP, many players often look for ways to get free CP in COD. Players can purchase battle tickets, unique outfits, and more with CP. Read the full article to know the top 3 best ways to get free CP on COD Mobile.

Top 3 Best ways to get Free CP on COD Mobile

Here are the best ways of how you can get free CP on COD Mobile. However, these methods do not guarantee that you will surely get a high amount of CP. Anyways, keeping all these aside, let’s have a look at the same now:

Google Opinion Rewards

There are many apps available in the app stores that offer real money to their users for completing tasks. One such popular application is Google Opinion Rewards. As it’s by Google itself, so we can say it’s one of the most trusted apps in the world. After downloading the app, players will need to enter their information such as name, age, and location. Based on this data, they will be provided with surveys.
Players will be rewarded with Google Play credits for answering these surveys. After completing surveys, you can send your money directly to another account or service that works for whatever purpose you want. You can buy COD Mobile Cp. Players can exchange their money for CP. And through CP, you can buy special in-game items and Battle passes, etc.

Free CP Giveaways

Airdrop is another easy way to get CP points on COD Mobile. Giveaways are free and COD Mobile players often look for such events. There are many Facebook and Instagram pages as well as Youtube channels where gifts are distributed every day. Players can get blueprints for different weapons, equipment, operators, and free CP points through gifts. In most cases, these giveaways include free CPs or battle tickets. Players can find and subscribe to these pages or channels to stay updated if they host one of these raffles. These gifts are often given out on Discord servers with multiple members or streamers on YouTube, Twitch, or LOCO.

Custom rooms to Get Free CP on COD Mobile

Dedicated rooms on Youtube are also an important way to get free CP on COD Mobile. YouTube is where people search for their YouTube videos. There are also daily tournaments with CP prizes! Players with good skills can participate in these customizable rooms, win free CPs, and purchase favorite in-game items. When the player is developing his skills and wants to enter the competitive arena, these single rooms are a great way for him to free Cp to try out strategies with his teammates.

COD Mobile has amassed a large base of players in a short period of time since its launch about nine months ago. There are several maps in the game, including those from the original Call of Duty franchise.

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