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Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most adventurous and enjoyable open-world game ever developed by Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013 on all gaming platforms. Moreover, in 2013 itself, GTA V had become the highest-earning game in the world. In the past few years, Rockstar Games has introduced many new and exciting features, and one of them was GTA V RP, also known as GTA V RolePlay. Now, most GTA V beginners face difficulties in finding the Best GTA RP servers. We have found the best GTA 5 RP servers. In this article, we will be listing the GTA V RP servers. So, without any further ado, let’s try out the Best GTA RP servers.

GTA RolePlay Servers

In this article, we will be starting with an overview of GTA 5 RolePlay. Later on, we will look at the GTA 5 RolePlay features. In the end, we will look at the best GTA 5 RP servers. So, read till the end to know the best GTA RolePlay servers.

What is GTA 5 RP?

RP stands for RolePlay. GTA 5 RP is similar to the real world, but the only difference is, we are playing it on a PC or Smartphone. In GTA 5 RolePlay, we can create a fictional character and give it a dashing look. Moreover, we can also choose a unique name and a story behind our character.

There will be other people around us in a GTA RP server, and we can talk to them easily. In GTA V RolePlay, you have to act like a real person as you do in the real world. You can be a police, businessman, lawyer, judge, journalist, dealer and many others. Everything in GTA 5 RP will be similar to the real world. However, there would be specific rules which the server owners are providing. 

GTA 5 RolePlay Features

There are a lot of features included in the GTA 5 RolePlay. We have mentioned the best GTA 5 Roleplay features below.

  1. Real World – One of the best features of GTA V RolePlay is the Real World Implementation. The RolePlay term means to Play with the Real-life Roles, i.e., businessman, lawyer, judge, journalist, dealer, etc.
  2. Safe Gameplay – Users might be wondering that their GTA Account will be banned after entering to any server. But the best part is FiveM is approved by Rockstar Games and they would not ban or disable your account.
  3. Complete Jobs – You can complete Jobs that are provided for you and earn in-game money from the same. However, completing missions is not the only way to earn money. 
  4. Buy Vehicles: In GTA V RolePlay, you can easily buy vehicles of your choice by spending money. Moreover, you can also customize them by spending a few pennies.

Now, let’s move ahead to the Best GTA 5 RP Servers.

Best GTA 5 RP Servers

Here are the 5 Best GTA RP Servers.


NoPixel is one of the best and exclusive GTA RP servers. Moreover, it is the most popular GTA V RolePlay sever out there. NoPixel server runs on the third-party multiplayer server system called FiveM. As per NoPixels, only 32 players can play the game at a time. It means that others will have to wait for their turn until someone exists.

GTA World

GTA World is the only text-based world GTA server. The GTA World offers many unique features such as 5000+ furniture items, 15+ types of businesses, and more to explore. GTA World runs with the help of Rage MP. Rage MP is a powerful and free to use Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer client. It is one of the best clients available for GTA V. GTA World offers lag-free gameplay.

The Family RP

The Family RP is one of the best and original GTA 5 RP servers that gained so much popularity in less time. The Family RP is a server that focuses on realistic roleplay and story-driven interactions. Moreover, it comes with a realistic progression system, which helps in enhancing the gameplay.


Eclipse is the best and popular GTA Roleplay server available out there. It offers a chat-based server, which provides the best playing experience to its users. Eclipse comes with a capacity of over 200 players. It means almost 200 people will be able to play on the server at a time. Moreover, users can even join a gang or law enforcement, work as a fisherman, or pursue a professional poker playing career, etc.

Mafia City

Mafia City is one of the best and exclusive GTA RP servers. Moreover, it is the most popular GTA V RolePlay sever. Mafia City server runs on the third-party multiplayer server system called Rage MP. The only thing you need to get in Mafia RP server is a genuine GTA V copy. Mafia City Roleplay provides the best performance to boost your gaming experience.

Voila! these are the best GTA V RolePlay servers. Go and grab your spot in one of the GTA servers, as mentioned above.

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