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Top 5 Best Tips for Free Fire Long-Range Fights



Long-range battles are common in Free Fire. Most players prepare for Free Fire Long-Range Fights and then fail in close combat. In most scenarios, both teams disengage and move forward.
However, they can win a close fight through accurate shots and advance in the game. Correct and accurate shots are very important in close combat. This allows you to quickly and easily kill enemies. While there are many tactical and strategic maneuvers to ensure victory, the basics must be mastered first. Here are some great tips for getting perfect shots for players who want to master close-range combat. By following these few tips, the chances of winning the Free Fire Long-Range Fights can be greatly increased.

Top 5 Best Tips for Free Fire Long-Range Fights

Use a Specialized Character with Good Abilities

In Free Fire, there are so many different characters with different abilities. A good way to improve your chances of winning Free Fire Long-Range Fights is to create a specialized Free Fire character. It also has a number of features that improve accuracy and reduce recoil. All abilities will focus on accuracy and stability during combat.
Laura’s ability can be used to increase accuracy by up to 35%. On the other hand, characters like Dasha have the ability that help reduce recoil. And, Falco Fervor can be used in conjunction with Moco’s “Hacker’s Eye” ability to inflict increased damage at long distances against specific targets.

Hip Fire and Quick Scope

Hip fire is one of the most is widely used modes in Free Fire. This is a very important skill to know if you really want to master long-range combat in Free Fire. Most beginners and even experienced players prefer this technique because it does not obscure their peripheral vision. This trick will help you keep your goal on the running target and hit all your shots. This ensures that players can get a 180-degree view during battles. Unfortunately, accuracy is greatly affected when shooting from the hip. It becomes difficult to aim and hit from a distance. To be accurate, players must learn to aim while aiming.

Your hand should be pretty quick to do this, but you’ll get used to it easily after some practice and it’s well worth it. First, you need to change the aiming accuracy in the control settings to the default value. Activate the quick switch of the weapon.
In the control chart, place a small button that you don’t use in the middle of the screen and use it as a scope for sniper rifles.

Take More Headshots to win Free Fire Long-Range Fights

In close combat, when there is sufficient distance between the player and the enemy, it is advantageous to shoot from range. Some good shots will help you win the game. The deadlock is usually broken when one of them is able to hit the head and destroy the opponent.
This is actually the fastest and most environmentally friendly way to end the fight over a long distance. This saves players from wasting ammo and ensures that nearby enemies don’t get a chance to attack. This will also improve the K/D ratio.

Have the Right Gear for Free Fire Long-Range Fights

Not all weapons in Free Fire are suitable for long-range flying. You must have at least an assault rifle to really think about taking part in such fights.

The best options are the M82B with Gloo Wall penetration, the SVD with armor penetration, additional chassis damage, woodpeckers with high accuracy, and armor penetration. This weapon also has a great swingarm, which is a must in every long-range fight.
Also, not every player is good at shooting headshots in Free Fire. In this case, the player must focus on the center of mass in close combat. This can reduce damage. Players can bypass the shield with Hayato’s Bushido or M1887. In addition, they can also avoid additional damage while shooting, thanks to Wolfra’s Spotlight ability.

Peep and shoot to reduce chances of getting Hit

Standing in an open space or moving around and shooting the enemy from a distance is not the best option. The opponent will either have the opportunity to make an accurate headshot, or the participant’s bullets will not hit the intended target.
The best players should aim for their enemy first, rather than shooting through the entire crowd without seeing them.
Players must look from behind cover and shoot so that it is safer to shoot the enemy. This can make the enemy more reliable to land and keep the player protected from incoming fire.

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