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Top 5 Features of iOS 15.4 Beta



Finally, Apple has published the first iOS 15.4 public beta with new features to improve the iPhone experience. iOS 15.4 is maybe the last and most significant update before we get the iOS 16. Apple usually pushes out small upgrades to the main iOS a few weeks after the initial beta. They guarantee the version’s general stability and fix bugs for all iPhones out there. So, we can expect several iOS 15.4 beta releases regularly before the final stable release. The first beta version has come out with unique updates. You will see a face ID with a mask, universal control, new emojis, etc. Therefore, let’s look at the iOS 15.4 beta features and major updates. 

Upcoming Top 5 iOS 15.4 Beta Features 

Face ID with Face Mask

You have surely faced problems with your Face ID while wearing a mask. So, iOS 15.4 will finally enable you to unlock your iPhone without removing your mask. Face ID settings have included face masks besides other biometric unlocking techniques. You’ll need an iPhone 12 or newer to enjoy the upgraded Face ID capabilities.

The functionality performs well in real-world circumstances. When you activate the Face ID without mask function in Settings, scan your face again. It takes a little longer than the standard two scans. After finishing, it feels just as quick and precise as using conventional Face ID.

Universal Control

If you’re a heavy user of the Apple ecosystem, iOS 15.4 will be a game-changer. It will introduce a universal control for iPad running iPadOS 15.4 and Mac running macOS Monterey. You can use a unified control to operate both devices with a single cursor. The function is turned on by default. You just have to sign in with the same iCloud account on both devices. 

New Emojis in iOS 15.4 Beta

Apple releases at least one small iOS update every year that includes a slew of new emojis. iOS 15.4 beta features 37 new emojis. They have included many new facial expressions, a low battery sign, and new hand movements. So, the user’s way of expressing will be more smooth. This iOS 15.4 release adds a total of 112 new characters, including refreshed 75 skin tones. The complete list complies with Emojipedia’s Emoji 14.0 list. Google is also planning to include it in the next Android 12L OS.

Immediate SharePlay

In the newest edition of iOS 15.4 developer beta, the SharePlay is refurbished. This feature enables users to enjoy multimedia material together through FaceTime. Apple has included a share button on apps that support SharePlay. So, users may now instantly start a SharePlay session from compatible apps’ sharing sheet menu.

Safari’s Push Notifications

Apple is coming out with a new push API for iOS and iPadOS. It will enable push notifications in Safari. Apple has allowed push notifications on Macs years ago. But they have not provided the feature to its mobile devices. Therefore, they are going to add web push and web notifications for Safari in iOS 15.4 beta. Right now, the integrated web notifications and push API are deactivated and do not operate. But we expect them to work soon. Thus, websites can inquire whether you want push notifications on your phone.

So, these 5 iOS 15.4 beta features you will see. Now you may ask what are the steps for iOS 15.4 beta download. In the next section, we will know how to download iOS 15.4 beta.

How to Download iOS 15.4 Beta and Install?

We have already seen the first iOS 15.4 beta release come with a slew of new features. So, do you want to experience the latest version? Users of the iPhone and iPad can install the update and check out the new capabilities. 

Here are the steps for Installing the public beta of iOS 15:

  • Do a backup of your device. So that you will not lose any data on your device.
  • Visit the Apple public beta website.

  • If you haven’t already downloaded any beta, please sign in.
  • Below the Guide for Public Betas page, make sure you’re on the iOS section.
  • Go to the Get Started area and choose to Enroll your iOS device.
  • Swipe down, tap Download Profile, then Allow and after that Close.
  • Open the Settings and choose Profile Downloaded 
  • On the upper right, hit the Install option. If asked, type the passcode.
  • Read the permission agreement and then hit the install button twice more 
  • Your iPhone or iPad may ask you to restart in order to finish the adjustments.
  • Then again open Settings, go to the General menu and choose Software update after rebooting.
  • Choose Download and then Install to get the iOS 15 public beta.

Also, the update is expected to be as large as 5 GB. So, while upgrading the phone, connecting to the Wifi’s internet is recommended. When the iOS 15.4 beta will release publicly, you will get the update in the software update section. Just simply download and install it. 

So, that’s all for today. For more iPhone updates, follow TechBurner!

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