Top 5 Games Like Garena Free Fire 2021



Many of us are aware of the many famous game titles that we can enjoy on your smartphone. Garena Free Fire is one of them. You can download this game for free and enjoy it with your friends in your free time. But eventually, you might want to try something other than Garena Free Fire. Well, you don’t have to worry as we have made a list of games that you can try for free. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you the top 5 games like Garena Free Fire in 2021. All the games we are about to tell you can enjoy for free on your smartphones. The games in the list support high graphics so you will be able to enjoy the game in the best quality possible. So without any further ado let’s get started.

Top 5 Games Like Garena Free Fire 2021

Here is the list of games that offers you high-quality graphics and are free to play:

Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile was launched in 2019 and is one of the famous titles that you can enjoy for free. If we talk about items, customizations, graphics, and weapons, COD Mobile is definitely one of the best games available. The game offers you 30 different maps in multiplayer mode and many famous locations of popular COD titles. Call of Duty Mobile is available on both Android and iOS.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 

Battlegrounds Mobile India or the Indian version of PUBG Mobile has become quite popular in a very short time. Now you can enjoy 100 players battle royal or any multiplayer mode as you like. Currently, BGMI only has four maps that you can play. But, soon many new maps will be added. The game, for now, is only available on Android but soon it will be available on iOS too.

Shadowgun Legends

The First Person action shooter game with amazing graphics can become the game that you might want to play. Players have to defend the universe from aliens invasion, in the game you will e to see many futuristic weapons that will be used to eliminate aliens. Shadowgun Legends also features PvP mode and story campaign. The game is available on both platforms Android and iOS.

Hero Hunters

If you like a game that offers you a lot of characters then Hero Hunter can be the one game for you. Hero Hunter has a wide range of characters from which you can choose. But you have to unlock characters by playing the game as you advance in the game more characters will be available. You can go solo in survival mode or you can make a team of 5 characters. The game is available on both platforms Android and iOS.

Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online is mostly known for its multiplayer matches than any other mode. You can choose from 14 different maps and can make a team of 5 players. The game offers you a wide range of weapons. Modern Strike Online has TDM, Call of Death Match, Special Ops, and many other modes. The game is available on both platforms Android and iOS so you don’t have to worry.

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