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The whole world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic. To tackle the challenge, Indians continue to live under a government-imposed lockdown. Games entertain us and help us to go through our entire day. So, we have brought you the list of best 5 Games of April 2020. This list contains the top 5 free games available on the Play Store. The games on this list are fun, easy to play, and free to download. The best 5 games 2020 are based on user-review and preferences. Read ahead for the top 5 games of 2020 and top 5 free Games Apk Download Link:

Best 5 Games Of April 2020:

1. WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem is a game made by the Reliance group, especially for WWE fans. The game has incredible graphics with great sound and lighting effects. It features many fighters like John Cena, Seth Rollins, The Rock, and AJ Styles. Players can match between legends and Superstars to find out the best player. Each player has their style and signature move, which makes the game enjoyable. Thus WWE Mayhem is an ideal recipient of the best 5 Games 2020.

Download WWE Mayhem from Playstore

2. Virtua Tennis Challenge

When it comes to realistic gaming, there are not many good games on the Play Store. However, this game is perfect for tennis-lovers. Virtua Tennis Challenge is an excellent game from Sega. The game features exciting modes and features. These include various playing fields, stadiums, etc. This game is suitable for playing with friends in 1v1 challenges. Virtua Tennis Challenge also offers face-to-face challenges. Additionally, it supports HD-compatible controllers. Try Virtua Tennis Challenge; it is worthy of its position in the best 5 games 2020.

Download Virtua Tennis Challenge from Playstore

3. Need For Speed No Limits

When it comes to racing, NFS has been entertaining us for quite some time through PC games. The company excels in the mobile platform as well. Admittedly, Need For Speed No Limits is one of the best mobile games available on the Play Store. The game is based on the underground racing culture. Players can compete in races, and unlock new cars and tools. This masterpiece from NFS features several awesome, real-life cars like BMW M4 and Porsche 911. Need For Speed No Limit has excellent graphics with good experience. The game is for racing freaks, which makes it suitable for Top 5 Games of 2020.

Download NFS No Limit from Playstore

4. Dawn Of Zombie

Dawn of Zombie is a survival-based game. Players must build, live, and survive together during a zombie apocalypse. For doing so, the players have various weapons throughout the game, which are necessary for survival. Dawn of Zombie has impressive graphics and dynamic lighting. The game is easy to play and has proper controls. It features the option to play with friends to survive together. Dawn of Zombie is exciting and thrilling, which makes it suitable for the top 5 games of 2020.

Download Dawn of Zombie from Playstore

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5. Trail Extreme 4

Trail Extreme 4 is for stunt-bicycle gamers. Players have to race against their opponents, all the while dodging various obstacles in their way. Players can win the race and collect points by performing stunts during the race. There are more than 200 levels in Trail Extreme 4. The game has excellent graphics with deep colours. It allows players to upgrade their character using the points and game cash won through races. Trail Extreme 4 is a perfect game to play in free time, which makes it unique for the top 5 free games of 2020.

Download Trail Extreme 4 from Playstore

Download Trail Extreme 4 Apk


Brain Dots

Another great addition to the top 5 games of 2020 is Brain Dots. The whole game revolves around two balls and lines. Brain Dots aims at developing creative thinking skills. It requires freely drawing various shapes and lines. The game is for puzzle freaks who like to solve problems. So, the game has several markers with variable thickness. Brain Dots is one of the best-grossing games of all time. Notably, it already has 3 million stages of high synchronization and makes it an excellent choice for the best 5 games 2020.

Download Brain Dots from Playstore

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