Top 5 Horror Games for Low-End PCs in 2022 [2GB RAM]



Games are always fun to play. Every game requires thinking and acting differently depending on the theme and genre. With games becoming graphically intense and heavy, it leaves budget gamers with very fewer options. However, there are some games that are good, intense, and would not push your PC to its extremes. These horror games for low-end PCs will keep you hooked while running smoothly on at least 2 GB RAM. On the processor front, a dual-core processor should suffice.

Top 5 Horror Games for Low-End PCs in 2022 [2GB RAM]


Obscure is a horror game set in a high school. Players control a team of 5 players who get subjected to a night trap in their high school. The school has been mysteriously overrun by mutant plant monsters. Every playable character in the team has some unique set of abilities, that can be combined and matched based on certain objectives. In case of a teammate’s death, players will be unable to play with that character.

There are melees, ranged, and explosive weapons to use from, but the light is the most effective offense against the mutants. This survival horror experience should not be missed.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

The game has very dark settings and ambiance. The sounds in the game are good and engaging. Players can only engage in melee combat systems, making the game even more intense. The levels and overall progression of the game might seem very linear, but it is engaging throughout. Players are in charge of the character of Ethan Thomas, an FBI Agent assigned to the serial crimes unit. This puts in charge of tracking down serial killers.

The game gives players access to some crude weaponry that can be used across the 10 levels of the game. The quest to clean one’s image while taking down serial killers makes for one of the scariest games you will play.


Fear greets the players with a very simple story. You are sent to investigate a man named Paxton Fettel, who has a taste akin to Hannibal Hector. Your character has sharp reflexes and thinking abilities, subjecting it to be a lone wolf in most situations. You are soon introduced to a paranormal quest that led to the series of these events, and how you can put a stop to it.

The story comes together as a result of conducting searches through various buildings and offices for blinking lights on phones and laptops. These devices will help you get more information about the situation, and this is how the game unfolds. The combat section of the game is not the best, but the game is a must-try.

Alan Wake

The character of Alan Wake had not used a gun before the adventure of the game begins, but he is now in circumstances where he has to. He is being hunted by unholy creatures of the night. Darkness is the most fearsome villain in the game and brings the intensity aspect to the game. Shadows are home to the monsters.

It is completely acceptable in the game to be afraid of the dark. The dark is the home to monsters, and carelessly running around can get you killed. The game is not full of constant surprise elements, but the storytelling is gripping and will keep you playing. Alan Wake is an author suffering from writer’s block, who has now realized that there are more important things to take care of. This thrilling game is a must-try.


This game can make you jump out of a chair multiple times while playing it. It is a psychological thriller game, that will keep you hooked throughout. You need to defend yourself against the deranged mental patients in a mental hospital. The theme of the game is dark, and the flashlight is your only friend.

Outlast is one of the best horror games. The color, dynamic lighting, and gripping soundtrack of the game give it an edge. One needs to constantly try to be sane while playing this, but you should try it at least once.

These are some of the good horror games for low-end PCs. For more such stories, check out TechBurner.

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