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Top 5 Interesting Tech Of 2021



Technology is getting very interesting and simpler as the years pass by. Innovation and new inventions related to interesting tech are becoming more and more common these days. It is no longer a privilege but has become a necessity, especially when we take into account the pandemic and remote working. Keeping that in mind, here are the top 5 interesting tech of 2021 which turned many theoretical concepts into a reality. These new pieces of technology have made our lives much easier and more interesting in day-to-day functioning; from a robotic helping hand to colour changing lipstick. So, without any further ado, let us see what are the products we have in the top 5 interesting tech which we saw in 2021. 

Gaming Chewing Gum 

We know the term gaming chewing gum sounds quite ambiguous but that is the reality. XPG came up with these so-called gaming chewing gums which are rich in vitamins and caffeine. They help gamers with enhanced eyesight and in boosting stamina in order to help them game for longer periods at a stretch. We are not sure about how effective this is but it is an interesting tech product for sure! 


Fragrance Changing Perfume 

How many bottles of perfume do you have in your wardrobe? More than 1? Well, this fragrance changing perfume by Ninu is all the perfume you’ll ever need. It’s a smart perfume that you can charge via USB and it connects to an app on your smartphone. Then, it creates custom fragrances as per your mood, exclusively for you. There are up to 100 fragrances that this smart perfume can create, all in one single bottle. 

Samsung Robot Hand

Samsung Bot Handy is a smart electronic hand that can do a number of tasks for you such as lifting objects, sweeping and even cooking to some extent. Although it will get your task done, it might be a tad slower than usual. So, it’s best if you use it for the kind of work that it can do in the background without much hurry. Robots are definitely making things easier for us and this smart hand by Samsung is a very interesting tech that we can’t wait for them to launch in India. 

Stress-Reducing Headband 

A lot of fitness bands and smartwatches these days measure our stress levels. But, this smart headband actually relieves them by initiating gentle vibrations. It looks like a regular Bluetooth neckband from a distance when you wear it. The gentle electronic signals sent out from the band help in regulating the stress one’s experiencing. 

Colour Changing Lipstick 

The popular makeup brand L’oreal came up with an interesting tech that’s probably the dream of every woman come true. It’s a colour changing lipstick that can make almost any shade you want to. It looks a bit like a coffee machine and you basically insert colour cartridges into it and the machine delivers the shade of stick you wish. 

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