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Top 6 Best Smart Home Devices to get in 2022



Smart home devices are quickly becoming an important product category. The ability to control the things of your home simply by applying phone or voice commands will become more prominent in the future. The whole purpose of the Internet of Things is to add internet connectivity to common appliances and devices. Making it applicable in different scenarios. What all Internet of Things (IoT) products have in common is the ability to connect to the Internet or another device in some way, providing unique features and capabilities. While the smart home and IoT sectors in India are still growing, overseas markets are showing just how powerful and exciting IoT devices can be.

Top 6 Best Smart Home Devices in 2022

The Smart Home and Internet of Things categories have expanded significantly to include entertainment, health, home cleaning, and personal device security and tracking. To help you jump-start your smart home journey or build your dream home filled with technology, we’ve put together a list of the devices we think are the best smart home products you can buy right.
Here are our recommendations for the best smart home devices to improve your home and give it the much-needed upgrade.

Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

The simplest and often most affordable IoT product you can buy is a smart light bulb. And it’s a great way to start setting up home automation. Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb is one of the latest products from Xiaomi’s smart home range. It’s about to enter the Indian market at a price of Rs 1,299. Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb offers consumers a relatively inexpensive entry into the world of smart home devices. The Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb has a pear-shaped profile. But with a less curved design and sharper lines than more common LED bulbs. You can control this smart bulb using its app from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection and the light bulb is connected to your home Wi-Fi. The matte finish gives an excellent look and helps dissipate heat.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The need for social distancing and staying home, and the fact that so many of us are now working from home full time, has made the cleaning robot sector even more interesting, especially for those with busy schedules and little time or energy to dedicate to their work. Out of all the devices, the 360 s7 stands out as the best for a number of reasons. With good cleaning capabilities, a very stable and useful application, fast and accurate navigation, and decent battery life, this device outperforms its competitors in this category at under Rs 30,000. Like all robot vacuums, it requires frequent maintenance, and the mop tank is small and doesn’t hold much water. However, overall, this is a powerful robotic vacuum that really takes advantage of the application and communication features.

Google Nest Audio

Compared to Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo speakers, the Google range is a better fit for you if you invest heavily in Android and Google or have IoT tools included to work with the Google Assistant. With very good microphones for voice recognition, good audio quality, and access to Google Assistant. Google Nest Audio is the newest and most versatile smart speaker from the internet giant. And the long-awaited successor to the 2016 Google Home, at a price of Rs 7,999. The smart speaker not only works well for music. Thanks to its dual player setup but also works very well for controlling IoT devices at home. However, the better sound quality makes Google Nest Audio a good choice.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation)

The Amazon Echo range of smart speakers is known for its simplicity, ease of setup and use, and of course the ability to access information and audio content via voice commands. The new Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) is the most expensive and most feature-rich Echo device to date. Superior camera and microphone capabilities, the many Alexa-based features that come with it. And a unique motion tracking feature that can track your face as you move around the room makes this smart home device unlike any other. One step above the smart speaker is a smart display. And the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) is the best you can buy right now. While it is expensive at Rs. 24999 is also the most advanced product of its kind with a screen that can be rotated to follow the user’s gaze. Although the sound quality is average and the Echo Show 10 is quite pricey, it is one of the best smart displays out there.

Realme Smart Socket

As we have seen, all devices are intelligently connected and can be controlled remotely or with voice commands. One particularly simple type of device is the smart plug. It can extend this potential to non-smart devices in your home as well. Among the most affordable 6A smart plugs that you can buy right now, Rs 799 Realme Smart Plug is simple yet effective in controlling any connected devices and devices. It can be controlled by voice using Google Assistant and Alexa and also works with the Realme Link app where you can set timers or monitor power status.

Dyson Pure Air Purifier

With the increase in air pollution, as well as the potential for allergies, air purifiers have become a welcome addition to your home. And many of the main options today are connected devices that can be controlled via an app. Although it is possible to buy a good air purifier at a less price, better performance comes at a cost. Our top pick in this category is the Dyson Purifier Cool. It looks great and provides great air purification and fan-based cooling. Its connected features work well on their own or with supported voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. With the Dyson Link app, you can control your air purifier and view air quality stats from anywhere by connecting the air purifier to your home Wi-Fi network. It offers not only the application-controlled air purification but also the air heating function, which is useful in winter.

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