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Most people love playing Garena Free Fire on mobile though it is also popular among PC gamers. But there is no official version for PCs. So, the PC gamers need third-party software dubbed ‘Emulator’ to play the game. Also, the experts say playing Free Fire on emulators is far more comfortable than playing on mobile phones. To some extent, this is correct. On PCs, movement speed and reflexes are particularly rapid due to the simplicity of handling many controls and improved sensitivity. To become an outstanding emulator player, you need to practice for a few months. To award them Free Fire will start indexing gamers and give recognition to excellent emulator players due to their exceptional PC performance. In this post, we will feature the top Free Fire emulators players. 

Disclaimer: In India, Free Fire is illegal. As a result, gamers from the country must use the MAX variation to access their FF IDs.

Top Free Fire Emulator Players In 2022

1. Vincenzo

Muhammad “Vincenzo” Farukh is a well-known Free Fire emulator player and quite popular in the Free Fire community around the world. He plays on the MENA (Middle East) server and is from Egypt, Africa. Vincenzo’s followers love him for his very accurate and fast-paced gameplay. He came into the spotlight with his outstanding gaming abilities through his popular YouTube channel, Vincenzo. His 469 uploads have amassed a tremendous subscriber following of 6.86 million people thus far. Total views on the channel are 469 million.

Vincenzo’s Free Fire User ID is 437144862.

2. Ruok FF: Best Free Fire Emulator Player

Ruok FF is among the world’s best Free Fire emulator players. His precise and fluid gameplay has set a benchmark in the gamers community. Ruok’s specialty is making non-stop stunning one-tap headshots while displaying a variety of emotes. He is a Thai player who participates in the BR shooter on the nation’s server. The RUOK FF YouTube channel has approximately 10 million subscribers and 608 million views after only 131 engaging gameplay uploads. 

Ruok Free Fire’s User ID is 261109577.

3. Classy FreeFire

Classy FreeFire is another finest player in Clash Squad mode and is well-known in India for its CS rank push. His actual name is Prashant Rajput, as per several sources. He plays on India’s FF server. Over 1.47 million people have subscribed to the Classy FreeFire YouTube channel, which has had over 247 million views. The channel currently has 719 uploads. He routinely broadcasts live streams pushing his CS level to the upper tiers of Master and Grandmaster.

Classy FreeFire’s User ID is 440751607.

4. Raistar: Popular Free Fire PC Player

Raistar is a popular Free Fire emulator player in India and FF gamers community. His real name is Akshay. His ability to play accurately on both mobile and PC is the one thing that sets him apart from others. Because of his fast mobility, Raistar’s emulator gameplay requires greater attention. He mostly does live streams on his Rai Live channel. But his main YouTube channel is Rai Star where he frequently posts montages. Despite his inconsistent upload schedule, Raistar has accumulated a sizable subscriber following of 6.77 million. Over 157 million people have viewed his total 35 videos.

Raistar’s Free Fire User ID is 12022250.

5. Born2Kill: Best Free Fire Player

Moez “Born2Kill” Mansouri is a well-known Free Fire Emulators gamer from Tunisia, North Africa. He is also known as B2K. His amazing sniper skills, particularly with double AWM, are outstanding. On the MENA server, Moez plays the game. Born2Kill, his popular YouTube channel, has about 9 million subscribers and 579 million views, with 418 uploads to date. He hasn’t posted anything on the channel in a while. His most recent upload, though, suggests that he will be documenting his gaming again shortly.

B2K’s Free Fire User ID is 320653047.

6. Tonde Gamer

Tonde Gamer is a brilliant Free Fire emulator player and a well-known YouTube content creator. His real name is Sarju Giri and he is from Nepal. He is famous for making funny videos of his excellent gameplay. Tonde frequently engages in custom room matches with other professional players in the community. On the Bangladesh server, Sarju plays the game. Tonde Gamer, his YouTube channel, has over 5.74 million subscribers. In total, his 1,339 uploads have been viewed over 1 billion times.

Tonde Gamer’s Free Fire User ID is 282951914.

7. BNL: Best Free Fire Emulator Player

BNL is a popular player in the global FF community for his very professional gameplay, with only a few red headshots. His name is Oussema Elloumi. He is from Tunisia and uses the MENA server. BNL is recognized for inventing one of the most widely used shooting techniques, the ‘One-tap headshot.’ His YouTube channel now has 7.78 million subscribers in total. He has filmed 424 game footage to date, totaling over 551 million views.

BNL’s Free Fire User ID is 297929835.

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