Top 9 Cool And Weird Gadgets To Buy In 2022



We all like to test out cool gadgets. There are new devices with advanced technologies every single day that will make our life easier and more enjoyable. Some of these weird and wonderful gadgets boost our productivity, on the other hand, some of them are for entertainment and lots more. Want to know what gadgets are trending now and what unique and weird gadgets to buy? We’ve gathered some of the weirdest technology gadgets available right now. In this post, we have listed the coolest and most weird gadgets 2022 we believe you’ll like. So, with no further ado, let’s dive in!

Top 9 Weird Gadgets To Buy In 2022

Vein Hunter

The Vein Hunter is a portable, compact, and lightweight vein finding machine. It is designed to obtain the highest success rate in the injection’s insertion, especially in babies. You will see a unique U shape red light that makes it easier to use and allows the vein to be seen. The item comes with a charger to charge and operate it. This gadget is convenient and can be handled with one hand for several hours. You can take it anywhere and everywhere because of its tiny and compact body and wireless design. 

Smart Wallet

No more threats of pickpockets! Now you can track your wallet. The smart wallet has an in-built Bluetooth module so that you can connect it to your mobile. You need to install the app. With its GPS system, you can see where your wallet is. Also, if you forget where you put it, you can ring it. Pretty cool and useful, isn’t it? So, smart wallets are a great way to protect your debit and credit cards with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and user-friendly designs.

Smart Tripod- Cool Smartphone Gadgets

If you are a professional photographer, you will need a smart device that will fulfill your needs. The smart tripod has a gimbal head and 360 degrees of horizontal rotation. Not only that, when you put your smartphone in its holder, the device detects your gesture and moves accordingly to enhance your shooting experience. It offers a variety of shooting modes. The most notable is the vlog shooting mode. Also, its AI makeup is unique and enables motion tracking. Surely, a unique gadget to buy!

Smart Cup- Weird Gadgets To Buy


In our weird and wonderful gadgets list, we have a solution to make your drinks smarter. This is a Smart Cup, a single device with cold and hot functions with a 500 ml capacity. It has a temperature range of +/- 5 degrees Celsius and can heat up to 55 degrees Celsius. A small thermoelectric chip in it drives advanced solid-state technology for energy-efficient cooling and heating. This smart cup is tiny and comes with gentle buttons. So, it’s simple to swap between modes. The heating process is represented by the red LED light, while the cooling process is shown by the blue LED light. 

Electric Hoverboard- Trending Weird Gadget

With an Electric Hoverboard, you can ride in luxury. It has 6.5″ wheels, a 400W motor, and enough torque to climb inclines of up to 15 degrees with ease. This cool gadget has a range of 4 miles and can travel up to 7 mph. Step on one side first, then the board will steady, and you may step on the other side. The controls are simple to master, letting you effortlessly speed up and decelerate. With the Android/iOS compatible Bluetooth App, you can choose between the three skill modes, activate GPS tracking, play/pause music, and personalize your LED lights. This hoverboard has an IPX-4 water-resistant rating and a built-in rechargeable battery that charges in 6 hours. If you are speeding or riding on dangerous surfaces, the hoverboard will give you an alarm so you can slow down and prevent accidents. 

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Every car owner desires excellent performance, and it’s only possible when all the components are in sync. The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is one such safety element that has been overlooked for years. Because consumers are more concerned with car affordability and mileage. The primary goal of this wonderful gadget is to notify the driver of the condition of the tyres. It can detect under-inflation, which may enhance fuel economy and tyre life. It charges from solar light, really great!

Yubico- Unique Gadgets To Buy

It’s time to level up your security with smarter technology. The YubiKey is a two-factor authentication device that is very easy to use. You just need to click a button on your YubiKey instead of waiting for the security OTP. It has an embedded unique code that creates codes to prove your identification on most of the apps and online services. The YubiKey revolutionized hardware authentication and is designed entirely for security and phishing prevention. It supports different authentication protocols and is accessible in a variety of form factors.

Air Purifier Mask

It’s one of the useful tech gadgets to buy if you also struggle to breathe while wearing a mask. With the AirPower technology, this mask gives breathing comfort by circulating fresh air. Also, the V-shape design and high-quality material eliminate all discomfort on your face. It has two parts- the cover and the filter mask. The cover’s delicate grille pattern allows enough fresh air to get through while keeping contaminants out by using a high-capacity customized fan. The filter has an effectiveness of 95% for 3um particles when used for the first time. 

Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Car

And here is the last one on our list of cool and weird gadgets to buy in 2022. The toy comes with a watch and a gesture remote control with 2.4G technology. Besides normal functions, it can do 360-degree tumbling and flip with its flexible transformable body. Deep embossing on the tire’s surface enhances friction and gives a firm grip. You will see a high-speed motor with overheat protection, a 1200mA lithium battery with ultra-large capacity, and high-grip rubber tires giving an exceptional off-road performance.

So, that’s all the unique gadgets trending now. Before you give them a try, don’t forget to watch the video below:

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