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Top Cloud Gaming Services in India 2021



Cloud gaming is not much popular in India as it is in foreign countries. Also, there are very less cloud gaming services available in India. Nvidia’s GeForce Now is one of the most popular cloud gaming services available out there. However, to use it in India we need to add a VPN to our network. In this article, we will list the top cloud gaming services in India 2021. These are the best gaming services available in India. Each gaming service is tried by our team members to make sure that your gaming experience is the best in class. So without any further ado, let’s head into the article.

What is Cloud Gaming?

So for newcomers, let me explain what could gaming and how does it work. As the name suggests cloud gaming is based on the cloud i.e. internet. You can stream games online and even control them from your device. Moreover, the basic concept is that you can play games streamed online. This means that the game is not actually installed on your device. The game is installed somewhere on a powerful gaming machine and with the help of a fast internet connection, you are able to stream and control it via your device.

How to use Cloud Gaming in India?

There are many cloud gaming services available out there. However, most of the popular ones are unavailable in India. Yet, there is an unofficial way to play the games. You can use VPN to play games online on various services and turn any of your devices into a gaming machine. However, here the con is that using VPN delays the data transfer and that results in a bad gaming experience. And that is the reason we decided to bring up an article where we will mention the top cloud gaming services in India. And as they are available in India, you need not use the VPN and face the delay or furthermore compromise your gaming experience.

Top Cloud Gaming Services in India 2021

Here is the list of our top picks for the best gaming service in India. And for using these services, you need not install any VPN or extra software.


Doofy is first on our list as it comes with most of the games that you might be looking for to play on your device. Also, playing the game requires an active member subscription that has various plans including Day, Week, and Month passes. The most lovable thing about this gaming service is that it provides an unlimited gaming pass. To play the games you can directly head to and make a recharge of your choice

The Gaming Project

The Gaming Project is yet another website that is great and we can say free to some extent. This website allows you to play games that you already have purchased. This can be useful if you have the games but not having a platform to play them. There is a free plan that offers 6 hours per month and access to some games. Moreover, there are 20 hours and unlimited hours plans. Also, there are weekly as well as hourly plans. To play you can head to the and further proceed.

Vortex Cloud Gaming

This is yet another platform available for Android, Windows as well as macOS. You can easily download it for your compatible platform and start playing after purchasing the subscription plan that is available in three different plans. It is available in India and seems pretty premium. You can head to and download it so that you can easily transform your device into a gaming device.

Gloud Games

Gloud games is another application that makes your smartphone a gaming machine. However, there is a con to this one. This is only available for smartphones. You can just install it on your smartphone and play the games by streaming them online. Also, there you need to wait in queue if you want to play games as only limited players are allowed to play at a time. Moreover, there’s a limitation of time for a player to play the game so that everyone gets their turn. You can download the application from Google Play Store

[Note: Make sure that you have a good internet connection as cloud gaming requires high-speed data transfers.]

That’s the list of our picks for top cloud gaming services in India 2021. So that’s it for this post, keep an eye out on TechBurner for the latest tech updates!!

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