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What Is Megaverse: Everything You Need To Know



The term Metaverse has created a buzz over the last few months as Facebook turned into Meta and demonstrated the concept of Metaverse. It’s the future of social media, a digital environment where individuals may connect, compete, buy and sell things via the use of a digital avatar. You may purchase and sell Virtual Lands in Metaverse, or rent them out and earn real money with your virtual assets. Thus we all will develop a whole new digital economy. Actually, the Metaverse concept isn’t new, but it’s lately gotten a lot of attention with the growth of cryptocurrencies, wallets, and decentralized applications (dApps). You may even go to other virtual worlds and have comprehensive virtual entertainment. Here Megaverse comes into play. In this post, we will know about what is Megaverse, what it has to offer, and why you should be interested in it.

What is Megaverse: Difference With Metaverse

As we all now have a brief idea about Metaverse, let’s deep dive into the ‘Megaverse’ world. Simply said, the reason behind creating Megaverse is to bring the Metaverse to anyone and everyone across the globe. In the Megaverse world, you can own virtual land in the Metaverse and develop your own locality. Also, everyone can earn actual money with the Megaverse features. They provide you with tools like Mega Finance and Mega NFTs to generate money in the Metaverse. You will be surprised to know that Megaverse has already allotted land plots to official fan zones for renowned sports clubs like Manchester United as well as sporting tournaments such as the IPL. Official fan zones for businesses like Ferrari and personalities like Ariana Grande are also available. So, it proves the Megaverse is well-established, and it’s only going to grow in popularity as they allot more territory.

Why Megaverse Is Becoming Popular Among Crypto and Football Fans

We all know that followers and communities are crucial to the success of celebrities, companies, and even fandoms. While there are many online forums and communities devoted to different brands, celebrities, and other topics, most of them do not provide followers with control over the community. Whether it’s a fan club for a sports team or a group behind a crypto-project, the community is at the heart of Megaverse. You can write a request to represent a community, fan club, or other groups, and the system will allocate land for them. It shows the rights to govern Megaverse’s official fan zone. Furthermore, since Megaverse is built on a genuine DAO, users may democratically vote for changes to the fan zone’s location.

Popular Megaverse Features You Should Know

As you now understand what is Megaverse, it is not just an immersive metaverse for communities, but much more. The Megaverse features two components that provide its members with enormous earning potential.

  • Mega NFTs: You’re undoubtedly familiar with NFTs. You may generate, trade, and sell NFTs inside the Megaverse ecosystem using this. You may earn tokens by selling NFTs on the MegaFi marketplace.
  • Mega Fi: It is a decentralized exchange system with features such as swap, farm, pool, and staking. There will also be an NFT marketplace, a launchpad for new crypto, games, and metaverse apps.

The other features include:

  • Mega Guild: A gaming ecosystem that focuses on the play-to-earn (P2E) business model. You can play some of the world’s most popular tournament-based games. Not just playing the game, Mega Guild gives you a communal experience bringing together gamers, academics, and their communities.
  • Mega VR: Megaverse began as a 2D universe, but it has completely embraced the 3D future. Soon you can enjoy the entire experience in a fully immersive VR environment. 
  • Mega Builder: The Megaverse Scripting Language will make it possible to create apps, games, and dynamic 2D and 3D sceneries. Users will be capable of building objects, loading textures, encoding user interactions, managing noises, and making external calls.

We assume that Megaverse will soon become a multi-chain environment, with Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Avalanche joining the platform to enable smooth transactions.

The First Public Sale Of Mega Tokens Coming Soon

As the name implies Mega Governance Token will be the base for the Mega DAO ecosystem. Because this is a governance token, users who own it will be able to influence the Mega DAO’s development and crucial decisions. The token will be on sale for the first time shortly, with a floor price of $0.025. You can also visit the Megaverse website for further information.

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