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WhatsApp To Release New WhatsApp Status Update And Other Features Soon



WhatsApp is testing new features to make chatting more lively and convenient. The WhatsApp tracker reported three such features. After announcing that WhatsApp is working on quickly responding to status updates in a future update. We’ve found that WhatsApp is also developing another new feature that will be released later. The ability to display status updates in your chat list! It’s possible that WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is working on the ability to display status updates directly in the chat list in a future app update. This feature in the app is under development and will be implemented in future updates. Other than that, there are other features that WhatsApp is working on. Read this entire article to learn about New WhatsApp Status Update And other upcoming WhatsApp features.

Whatsapp Status Update

WhatsApp is working on the ability to view status updates directly from the chat list in a future update of the app. If you have an Instagram account, you know that you can also view status updates directly in your private chats list. This is very similar to Instagram, where you can view the status update directly in your chat list.

As you can see in this screenshot, the first contact has posted a status update and can also be seen directly in the chat list or when the user searches for chats and messages. If we click on the chatbox, WhatsApp will open our conversation with the contact. But if we click on the profile picture of the contact who posted the status update, their status update will be displayed. With this update, more people will start seeing status updates posted by their contacts once this feature is released.

Whatsapp Other Updates

Quick Reactions and Emojis

WhatsApp is working on a quick response. This is a way to quickly send an emoji when viewing a WhatsApp status update.
WhatsApp plans to add 8 new emojis to be used as a reaction. A smiling face with heart-shaped eyes, a face with tears of joy, a face with an open mouth, a crying face, folded hands, applause, celebration, and a hundred points.
In fact, after replying to status updates, the reaction is sent to the chat as a simple emoji. But perhaps WhatsApp is planning to develop a proper user interface to receive feedback on your status updates.

Multiple Devices Support

Also, according to reports, WhatsApp will likely be working on a feature that will allow users to chat with the same account on multiple phones, or both a phone and a tablet.

Group Polls

In addition, another update has been made for mass surveys called Group Polls. In Group Polls, once the poll is submitted, you and other people will be able to vote for your choice. And other members will be able to see all the votes.
WhatsApp has not developed a feature to check who voted for a particular option, but it may be planned in a future update. The process of sending a mass survey is end-to-end encrypted.

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