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Why Should You Use Phone Without Case



Most of us use mobile cases to protect our phones. It safeguards the phone if accidentally dropped. Also, keep the phone dust proof and scratch-free. But, are phone cases really necessary? We have encountered such incidents that make us think twice that is back cover good for mobile? If you are going to buy a new mobile case, read this to see if you really need a case for your device. In this post, we have explained why you should use your mobile without a back cover. For the accident coverage, you can take a screen/glass damage warranty from the manufacturer. So, you will have no worries while using your mobile without a back cover. Also, we will tell you the alternatives to use to avoid the disadvantages of phone cases.

Reasons to Use Your Mobile Without a Case

Below are the usefulness of using your mobile without back cover tagging the disadvantages of phone cases: 

  • No more bulkiness: Thick flip cover cases days are gone! Without a cover, your smartphone will be slimmer. As a result, it’ll fit effortlessly into your pocket or purse.
  • Gesture Interference: Some mobile cases obstruct finger gestures, particularly the inward gesture from the screen’s edge. Those motions become significantly simpler to accomplish without a case.
  • Fewer Wireless Charging Interference: Only some expensive cases are compatible with wireless charging. So, you can charge wirelessly with no problems.

  • Heating issue: Phones vent out the heat generated by it from the back. So, it can be a hindrance to that. We suggest removing the case when the phone is overheated.
  • Leverage looks: Most of us consider the attractive looks while purchasing phones. Then what? Cover for the phone in generic black mobile cases. You may flaunt the colour and elegance of your smartphone’s natural design without a cover.

So, that’s all are the disadvantages of phone cases. Now you choose do you really need a case for your phone or not! 

Alternatives for Cases for Mobile

Skins, decals, and screen protectors are some of the case alternatives to protect your phone. They add little bulk and thickness. Skins and decals add style and scratch protection to the body of your phone. It allows you to personalize your phone’s appearance.

You can use a very thin screen protector. It is a transparent sheet of glass on the surface of your phone’s screen to protect it from cracks and scratches. Also, you can change it easily if the phone dropped and the glass cracked. Your actual phone screen will be intact. Another benefit is that screen protectors are frequently less costly than cases.

Still, smartphone cases make sense for some folks. So, if you really want to get one for your phone, buy from some well-known company. They offer good grip and in-hand comfort. Also, they are thermally compatible and protect phones from environmental or accidental damage.   

The best thing is you’re not alone who use their smartphone without a back cover. Over 20% of smartphone users do not use it. With the availability of full break-protection guarantees and stronger screen glass, those figures may only rise over time. Therefore, you can also become one of them!

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