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Xiaomi files patent for Pop-up camera with up to 7 sensors



In 2019, we have seen many new innovations by Xiaomi like wraparound display, Penta-camera setup and more. Therefore, some Xiaomi new camera patents have leaked online. The Xiaomi new patents show an arrangement of 7 sensors in pop-up camera for Xiaomi new phone. As we have already seen these types of camera setup by Asus. Now, Xiaomi is coming with it but with a different design. There are different types of Xiaomi patents filed for different types of mobiles that we are going to see in the coming days. So, read the full article to know more about the Xiaomi Camera Patents:

Xiaomi Camera Patents:


As users are very keen to see more pop-up camera phones. So, Xiaomi is also working to provide new pop-up camera phones with different arrangements to the users. So, we will likely to see dual-camera setup pop-up camera for front by Xiaomi in their new phone. This is similar to the Asus pop-up camera as they have first launched dual selfie pop-up camera.

Now, this is going to be interesting as we will be going to see dual, triple and Penta camera setup Pop-up camera. As well as this is for the backside of the device. So, it means that the new Xiaomi Camera phone will come with 7 sensors in the pop-up camera. At the front, there will be dual camera setup and at the back, there will be dual/triple/Penta camera setup.

In 2020, OnePlus has come with Concept One by which the rear camera will be invisible but Xiaomi has fully replaced the Rear camera to the Pop-up camera. It will also give the phone a more premium look which will be liked by the users. Therefore, we are expecting that the flash will be present below the pop-up camera or on the backside of the device. But, as we know that Pop-up camera is both good and bad if they don’t work better. As we have seen that the  Pop-up camera of the OnePlus devices is durable and comes with fall detection which helps it from getting damaged. So, Xiaomi has to work hard as they have to provide fall detection, dust resistant as well as 7 sensors in the Pop-up camera. Currently, there are no leaks for the device coming with this pop-up camera setup. So, we are expecting that Xiaomi will launch this camera phones before the mid of 2020.

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