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Xiaomi Health App v2.8.6: Latest Update Features



Nowadays, most of the people are curious about their health amid this COVID-19 situation. Related to the health, we have some leaks about the new Xiaomi Health App. Xiaomi has announced that they are making a significant upgrade in the New Xiaomi Health App Version 2.8.6. In this article, we will be talking about the Xiaomi Health App Features. Later on, we will reveal the Xiaomi Health App Release Date in India and Eligible Devices list. Anyway, let’s start with New Xiaomi Health App Leaks first.

Xiaomi Health App Version 2.8.6 Leaks

The Xiaomi Health App is upgraded to version 2.8.6 finally. Xiaomi said that they had added heart rate detection function in the new Xiaomi Health App. They have also stated that “it is the first system-level heart rate detection application in China”. Shockingly, the New Xiaomi Health App will measure heart rate with the help of the camera flashlight. In terms of its principle, the flash next to the camera will be a continuous light source, and users have to press the finger slightly against the camera. After the whole process, users will get images of blood flow. Through the image’s analysis, users would be able to collect a stable pulse wave signal to get the heart rate value. As per the leaks suggests, the Apps algorithm will fetch the images of every frame and then calculate the final result.

Xiaomi Health App Version 2.8.6 Features

According to the report, Xiaomi Health Rate Detector can monitor Heart Rate without making modifications to the smartphone’s hardware. It will measure the Hear Rate with the help of camera setup. Except that, there are some other features too, which we have mentioned below. This Heart Rate Monitor is undoubtedly the most anticipated upgrade in smartphone’s history. Here are the New Xiaomi Health App Features:

  1. Heart to Heart: It presents classified test reports according to different exercise states for more scientific heart rate evaluation.
  2. Accurate and secure: It works on a Self-developed local AI heart rate recognition algorithm, precise recognition. Moreover, it protects privacy at the same time. However, due to external factors such as temperature, skin colour, arm shaking, so, users might see inaccurate data or failure to generate results.
  3. Stable Update: The application will be much more durable than its older version, Xiaomi says.

Xiaomi Health App Version 2.8.6 Release Date in India

As of now, there is no Official Xiaomi Health App Release Date in India available yet. However, as Xiaomi is one of the best smartphone companies in India, it will do something to bring the app to its users soon. We will let you know the Xiaomi Health App Release Date in India once the Xiaomi Officials disclose it.

Xiaomi Health App Version 2.8.6 Eligible Devices

Unfortunately, the officials have not said much about the Xiaomi Health App Release Date. But, Xiaomi mentioned the name of some devices which will get this update sooner. The device which will get the update soon is Mi CC9e, Mi CC9Pro, Mi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition, Redmi 6A, Redmi 10X Pro. Also, the newly launched Mi 10T Series might also support it. The MIUI official’s said that the performance of the camera would differ from device to device. However, after testing, officials found an unstable rate heart rate in the camera. We know Xiaomi will work on this and fix all these issues.
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