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Xiaomi Mi Mix to Launch Soon with Liquid Lens Technology



Xiaomi is going to bring back its Mi Mix series with many great features on March 29. They have released a teaser in which they revealed that the new Mi Mix will have a Liquid Lens researched and developed in-house. The lens is supposed to imitate how the human eye works and how the human eye focuses instantly on any object at different distances. It is still unclear what the applications of the technology will be in smartphones.

Credit: Weibo

Xiaomi calls this technology “Bionic Photography” and it a transparent liquid that is wrapped from the ultra-thin film that can change the curvature of the lens to get rapid refocusing and to minimize distortion. According to a Weibo post, this fluid has high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion, and is extremely resistant to environmental factors. We have to wait four more days to see what Xiaomi has to offer us?

Credit: Weibo

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