You Are Not A True Family Man Fan, If You Don’t Score 8/10 In This Quiz




What was the name of Srikant’s wife?

  1. Suchi

  2. Shreya

  3. Suchitra

  4. None of the Above

Srikant was a senior analyst for which intelligence department?

  1. T.A.S.C

  2. Force One

  3. RAW

  4. PUBG

Which of the following is not an episode title in The Family Man?

  1. The Family Man

  2. Mission Zulfiqar

  3. Anti-National

  4. Patriots

Who was the mastermind of the scooter bomb blast?

  1. Faizan

  2. Sajid

  3. Major Sameer

  4. Srikant

Who said, “Takleef Ho Rahi Hogi Aapko”?

  1. Saloni

  2. Srikant

  3. Moosa

  4. Arvind

With whom was Suchitra having an extramarital affair?

  1. JK Talpade

  2. Srikant

  3. Arvind

  4. None of the Above

Who was/were attending a wedding in Baramulla (other than Srikant)?

  1. Karim

  2. Sajid

  3. Basharat

  4. Both B & C

Who said, “Privacy is a Myth, Just like Democracy”?

  1. Imraan Pasha

  2. JK Talpade

  3. Srikant

  4. Kulkarni

Who was Srikant’s Commanding Officer (CO) in J&K?

  1. Pasha

  2. Kulkarni

  3. Major Vikram

  4. Saloni

Where was Plan B of “Mission Zulfiqar” executed?

  1. Srinagar

  2. Bhopal

  3. Delhi

  4. Mumbai

Ab Zinda Rehne Ke Liye Bacha Hi Kya Hai

Srikant Kahan Bada Pav Khata Hai, Aapko Pata Hai

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