You Are Not A True Mirzapur Fan, If You Don’t Score 8/10 In This Quiz




Which of these Mirzapur characters has the same surname as its actor in real life?

  1. Munna Bhaiya

  2. Guddu Bhaiya

  3. Kaleen Bhaiya

  4. None of the Above

How many eggs does Guddu Bhaiya eat in Season 1 on-screen?

  1. 60

  2. 20

  3. 25

  4. 50

When did Mirzapur first air on Prime Video?

  1. 16 August 2018

  2. 16 November 2018

  3. 10 November 2018

  4. None of the above

Who said, “Ab Humko Badlaa Bhi Lena Hai, Aur Mirzapur Bhi”

  1. Sharad Shukla

  2. Guddu Bhaiya

  3. Munna Tripathi

  4. Bablu Bhaiya

“Chhoona Nahi Humko Binaa Permission Ke” – Who is Sweety talking to?

  1. Munna Tripathi

  2. Bablu Bhaiya

  3. Guddu Bhaiya

  4. Compounder

“Abey Bawaal Cheez Hai, System Hil Jaata Hai.” What is being referred to as ‘Bawaal’ here?

  1. Pistol

  2. Desi Katta

  3. Money

  4. Protein

Which of the following is not an episode title in Mirzapur?

  1. Ghoda

  2. Virginity

  3. Tandav

  4. Barfi

How many times have we seen someone being slapped in the show on-screen?

  1. 22

  2. 24

  3. 18

  4. 16

Who said, “Sher Ki Umar Zyada Hai Par Boodha Nahi Hua Hai Abhi Tak?”

  1. Beena Tripathi

  2. Maqbool

  3. Satyanand Tripathi

  4. Golu

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