You Are Not A True User, If You Don’t Score 8/10 In This Quiz




Which social media app recently introduced a TikTok-like “Reels” feature?

  1. YouTube

  2. Snapchat

  3. Instagram

  4. Facebook

Apple’s iPhone 6 series had a major design flaw. What name did it get from fans?

  1. Chargegate

  2. Bendgate

  3. Batterygate

  4. None of the Above

A company called “Ringing Bells” marketed its product as the world’s cheapest smartphone in 2016. What was this phone called?

  1. Freedom 500

  2. Freedom 1947

  3. Freedom 2000

  4. Freedom 251

Which smartphone maker was the first to display ads in its UI?

  1. Realme

  2. Huawei

  3. Xiaomi

  4. OnePlus

Who introduced the world’s first “modular phone,” a product that eventually failed?

  1. LG

  2. Motorola

  3. Lenovo

  4. BlackBerry

What was the name of the Virtual Assistant introduced by Samsung in the Galaxy S8 series?

  1. Zirtual

  2. Bixby

  3. Bee Bee

  4. None of the Above

Google couldn’t launch phones like Pixel 4 & 4A 5G in which country because of local laws?

  1. Brazil

  2. India

  3. Canada

  4. Austria

“AirPower” was a wireless charging concept canceled in 2019. Which brand had announced it 2 years earlier?

  1. Apple

  2. Samsung

  3. Xiaomi

  4. Huawei

Which smartphone maker rebrands the most number of its Chinese phones in India?

  1. Realme

  2. Xiaomi

  3. Lenovo

  4. Huawei

How many apps are published on the Play Store with features similar to TikTok’s?

  1. 5

  2. 10

  3. 15

  4. We are still counting

Bro! Are you still waiting for Freedom 251?

Finally! Order for LG G8x has been placed

Ohh Bhai! DJ Rajesh Ke Sath Reels Banaoge?

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