You Are Not a True XBOX Lover, If You Don’t Score 8/10 In This Quiz




Which wrestler helped in launch of the Xbox at a special event in 2001?

  1. John Cena

  2. Triple H

  3. The Rock

  4. Goldberg

What was the console originally going to be called?

  1. Game Port

  2. Game Station

  3. Noah’s Arcade

  4. 11-X

What was the last original game to be released for the Xbox in North America?

  1. LEGO Batman

  2. Rock Band 2

  3. Sonic Unleashed

  4. Madden 09

In which year was the Xbox 360 released?

  1. 2005

  2. 2007

  3. 2010

  4. 2008

When the Xbox 360 had a malfunction, what colour did the light around the on-switch change to?

  1. Blue

  2. Red

  3. Green

  4. Orange

What was the name of the Xbox camera accessory?

  1. iToy

  2. Kinect

  3. BoxCam

  4. The Eye of Gates

Which is the best-selling game on Xbox One?

  1. FIFA 17

  2. Grand Theft Auto V

  3. Minecraft

  4. Star Wars Battlefront

What does Microsoft call the Xbox Live username when you sign on to the network?

  1. Handle

  2. Gamertag

  3. Usertag

  4. Gamer ID

What’s the name of the currency you can purchase from Microsoft and redeem on your Xbox to buy content from the Xbox Live Marketplace?

  1. Microsoft Points

  2. Gamer Cash

  3. Xbucks

  4. Game Points

Which of the following streaming music services was the first to be available using Xbox Live?

  1. Last.fm

  2. Pandora

  3. Spotify

  4. Amazon Cloud Player

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