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Your Own Immune System Can Cure Cancer: Researchers Say



The University of Missouri researchers found a new way to cure cancer with our own body’s Immune System. An assistant professor from the Division of Biological science Yves Chabu said “Normally, your body’s immune cells are constantly on patrol to identify and destroy foreign entities in the body”. Normal body cells emit don’t eat me signal so the Immune system won’t destroy them, but some cancer has developed the ability to copy and emit this kind of signal. Due to which the immune system fails to recognize cancer, researchers have found a way to stop cancer cells to mimic don’t eat me a signal.

Credit: Healthline

Immunotherapies are cancer drugs that stop cancer cells from emitting don’t eat me signals. Researchers have developed a non-toxic strain of salmonella called CRC2631 which select and kill cancer. CRC2631 targets cancerous tumors and helps to leash the body’s Immune system to kill cancer.

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