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Android 12 Wallpaper Based Theming System Image’s Leaked



Earlier this week before the release of Android 12 Developer Preview we learned that Google is working on a new Theme System that can recolor supported third-party applications. This new enhanced Theme feature takes the foundations of the RRO and OMS APIs which were introduced in the previous Android versions and combines them with Android’s Palette and WallpaperColors APIs in order to create a custom theme that matches your current wallpaper. Developer kdragOn shared these images with us he is known for his work making the ProtonAOSP ROM and ProtonKernel for Pixel devices. In the shared image we can see that you are able to change the notification panel color, settings color, and many much more.

Here are the images shared by kdragOn he showed off what’s like to set the wallpaper in Android 12.

Credits: kdragOn


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