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As the years are passing, the craze of smartphones is increasing. With that, more compatible apps are being developed. We use many apps in our day-to-day tasks — be it for remembering tasks or something related to fitness; apps are the primary source of getting extra features for our phones. Over 6000 apps release in a day on the Play Store on an average. It is kind of an impossible task to test every application out there. So, we have come up with the top 5 apps of June 2020 for you. These are some of the best 5 apps of 2020. The top 5 apps of 2020 are selected on the basis of features, usage, and most importantly, user interface. We know you are eagerly waiting to see the top 5 apps in 2020. Let’s get started with our first app from the top 5 apps of 2020.

Top 5 Apps Of June 2020

Here are the top 5 apps of 2020.


StayFree is a user-friendly statistics application, which shows how much time you spend on your smartphone. It records and displays the time statistics related to your favorite apps. StayFree reminds us to stop using an app after a certain time limit. You must be thinking that there are lots of similar apps out there on the Play Store — so, why StayFree? Well, it has many unique and advanced features. StayFree consumes battery only according to your preference. You can permit it to use more battery for better stats. The best feature of StayFree is that it shows the statistical figure of our usage. Let’s make your reading more pleasant. Have a look at the features.


  • Ad-free
  • Dark mode
  • Lock StayFree settings
  • Allows importing data to CSV
  • Five different themes
  • Temporarily block an app
  • Set reminders
  • Data in pie charts
We can also add StayFree in the series of best 5 free apps 2020. You must try out this app to make your day more productive. Let’s head over to another app of the top 5 apps of June 2020.

Step Tracker – Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker

Step Tracker is the most accurate & simple pedometer app. It automatically tracks our daily activities, like calories burnt, distance covered, steps, time, and place while walking. Step Tracker shows statistical data for easy understanding. We tested the app and found that it performs well almost every time. But sometimes, it shows quite inaccurate results in the tracking. For example, if you shake or hit your phone with your hand, it may count that motion as a step. However, the developer already cleared these FAQ in the instructions panel. The best thing about this app is that it syncs easily with music players, like in-built music player, Spotify, Gaana, and more. Another merit of this app is that it runs on live GPS. You will see Google Maps inside the app while running, walking, or jogging. You can preview how much you walked or ran and how many calories you burnt.


  • Set step goals
  • Adjust sensitivity from settings
  • Reminders for Activities
  • Dark mode
  • Real-time GPS Tracker.
  • No inappropriate or annoying ads

Cake: Learn English for Free

Cake is a 100% free English learning application. We can say that Cake is like a small part of YouTube. It contains videos from different channels which upload English tutorials. There are tons of channels available in Cake. Interestingly, the app uses AI for better learning. We can check our pronunciation by recording our voice. Then, the AI will give us feedback. The unique part of this app is its cost, which is zero. So, enjoy and take advantage of the application.


  • Simulate conversations with native speakers
  • AI to correct your pronunciation
  • In-built Dictionary
  • Captions in every video
  • Multiple categories to learn

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Orange Teal – Top 5 Apps of 2020

Our next app in the list of top 5 apps 2020 is Orange Teal. Orange Teal is a user-friendly photo editing app. We have tried many apps, like Snapseed and PicsArt, to get orange teal effects. While using professional apps, we are forced to follow several tutorials. However, Orange Teal does it in seconds without any tutorial. The app is famous for its one-click orange teal effect. Its user interface is clean and easy to use.


  • Orange Teal effect in one click
  • Look Up Table to make colors more stunning
  • Clean User Interface
  • Compresses picture to 2048 pixels max.


Tile Shortcuts

This app helps us to create quick shortcuts to our favorite apps and websites, which we can directly access through our notification shade. There are lots of apps available in the market like this, so why Tile Shortcuts? Tile shortcuts allow us to use real app icon in the notification shade, but others don’t. That’s why we added this in the list of top 5 apps of 2020.


  • Chose your icons
  • Advance customization available
  • Name the tile
  • Select icons from many icon packs

Typewise Keyboard

Typewise is a keyboard application that supports hexagonal keyboards, which makes our typing much faster than traditional layouts. In the starting, it will take time to get used to and understand how it works, because it is different from other keyboards. The good thing about the app is that there is a tutorial in the app that you can watch any time.


  • Autocorrect
  • 80% less typing errors
  • No permissions required
  • Completely secure
  • Gestures
  • Support 34 languages


Download Typewise Keyboard

These are the top 5 apps of June 2020 as well in the list of best 5 apps of 2020. We hope you enjoyed it. Must try these apps and share your reviews below.

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