Top 5 iOS Apps in May 2020: For iPhone Users



With the advent and rise of smartphone development, the internet now has a huge collection of apps in a variety of different categories. Most people find it difficult to choose the best app for any purpose. Not a lot of people curate app collections for iOS, so we have decided to do the toughest part for you. In this article, we present a fine list of top 5 iOS apps in May 2020. These are the best iOS apps in May 2020. This thread is all about the top 5 apps for iPhone. So without further ado, let’s start the countdown.

Top 5 iOS Apps in May 2020

All five applications in this list will be accompanied by working download links and a brief description of their features and usage. To download the app, just click on the download hyperlink, and you will be redirected to the official Apple App Store.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

This app made it to our list because it is a full-featured editor where you can edit photos as well as videos in your style. VSCO comes with awesome built-in features and some preset to help you create masterpieces. The app is published by Visual Supply Company and has a download size of around 188MB. Moreover, it has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Let’s have a glimpse at the features you get in this app.


  1. Video Transformations
  2. Presets comparison
  3. Share with Ease
  4. Color emphasize
  5. Advanced Photo Editing

Download VSCO: Photo & Video Editor – Free

NeuralCam NightMode

The next app in the list is NeuralCam NightMode. As the name suggests, it is a camera app that lets you click the best images at night. The camera has full manual control where you can adjust the exposure and ISO according to your preference. In this app, you also get night selfie without flash so that you can click fantastic selfies. NeuralCam NightMode is a production of NeuralCam SRL. Let’s have a look at the features of this app. In short, this app is a Google Camera alternative for the iPhones.


  1. Full Manual Control
  2. Night Selfies
  3. Pro Night Photos
  4. Ultrawide/Macros available
  5. Grid option available

Download NeuralCam NightMode – $2.99

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Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is the next app in our list of best iOS apps in May 2020. It is one of the best 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) apps. This application is published by Google LLC. Google Authenticator lets you easily log in to third-party apps by providing alternative codes of OTPs This is very helpful as sometimes, OTP does not work or reach our phones. Let’s discuss the features quickly.


  1. Easy log in
  2. Multiple account support
  3. Time- and Counter-based code generation

Download Google Authenticator – Free

MarginNote 2 Pro

This app is a great study and reading tool. It is useful for all students, as well as adults. With MarginNote 2 Pro, taking notes becomes easy with as it keeps the notes in a neat and organized way. You can keep and share the note easily with this app. It is developed by Sun Min and has a size of about 93MB. Let’s take a quick look at the app’s features.


  1. Support of PDFs and EPUB file formats
  2. Import, Export, and Syncing available
  3. Highlights can be turned to Flashcards

Download MarginNote 2 Pro – $4.99


Keeping notes safe is a big challenge many users face. Evernote has made it to our list to make your work easy by keeping your notes safe. This app keeps your notes safe on the cloud so that even if you somehow lose or destroy your phone, important data is retained. Evernote has professional features to help you work unbothered by complications with note-taking. Evernote has got 4.4 out of 5 stars and a download size of about 165MB. Let us quickly enlist the features of this app.


  1. Well-organized
  2. Cloud auto-save
  3. Search via handwritings
  4. To-do list can be managed
  5. Dark mode available

Download Evernote – Free

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