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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole country is under lockdown. Many company employees are working from home. Some people, like students, don’t have much to do. So, they are enjoying this time with their families. We hope you are also trying to acquire new skills. As we know, we can’t meet our friends and enjoy with them. It might get boring. For making these borings days more interesting, we have come up with the Top 5 Essential Apps during the lockdown. These apps are the most unique apps for Android. We recommend these as the Top 5 Apps for students. These apps will make your lockdown more interesting. This list contains the most essential apps and apps required for managing day-to-day tasks. Let’s start with the Top 5 Essential Apps 2020 during this lockdown period.

1. Video Calling Apps

Video calling apps are the most necessary utilities during the lockdown. We can’t go outside, so we can’t meet anybody. Spending time with friends is a fantastic experience. However, it’s not easy right now. Those who are working in offices can’t also go outside either. Therefore, video calling services are necessary for companies to contact their employees, and employees to interact with their colleagues. During this lockdown period, most schools are conducting classes through video calling apps. Now, we can understand how video calling apps are essential to everybody. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared a list of the most secure and useful video calling apps.


Zoom is one of the Top 5 Apps for students. Under the current circumstances, it has become the world’s most popular video calling app. Notably, almost every organization is using Zoom for meetings or lectures. Zoom presents many exciting features to attract users. It allows up to 100 participants in a video conference. Though, there’s a limit of 40 minutes on each conference. Zoom allows calls with HD video and audio quality. We tested it out a number of times. It may vary with the signal strength, but overall, we haven’t faced any problems with call quality. Moreover, Zoom comes with several great features, like screen sharing and an inbuilt recording system. During this lockdown period, teachers are organizing classes through Zoom.

Download Zoom Meeting App For Android

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Google Meet

Meet is a video conferencing software from  Google. Google Meet is free to access and comes with many unique features. It supports up to 150 people participants at a time and 100,000 live viewers on live streams. Furthermore, we can schedule video calls as per our convenience. Google allows us to changes the screen resolution of the video call. It has screen sharing and screen recording options, too. Google Meet comes with three different subscription packs — Basic, Business, and Enterprise.

Download Google Meet App For Android

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is another video calling app from Google. It is an earlier version of Google Meet. Google Hangout is a chatting and video conferencing app. It allows up to 150 people in group chats and 10 in video conferences. We can message them even if they are offline. Moreover, Hangouts has an Auto Screen Focus feature.

Download Google Hangout App For Android

2. Keep Notes

Google Keep is a minimal and simple note-taking service. Schools are conducting online classes through video calling apps. For students, these can be normal school days as they have to create schedules for studies and other tasks, and take notes at times. Students can use Keep Notes to note down important points. Moreover, they can set their time table using the app. Google Keep also allows us to set reminders. We can share and collaborate with others, too. For instance, we can share to-do lists with our co-workers or notes with schoolmates. Additionally, we can generate text from images. Keep Notes can be set in the widget section to keep track of important tasks.

Download Keep Note For Android

3. AR Cut & Paste

Another unique app is AR Cut & Paste for Android. AR is nowadays being implemented for shopping online. But now, we have another AR a prototype. AR Cut & Paste is a tool for capturing real-life objects and pasting them onto digital documents. All you need to do is to point at the object, select it, and drag it to your computer. That’s it. However, this is only a prototype app yet. The developer says that it takes only 2.5 sec to copy an image and 4 secs to paste it anywhere. Lots of companies are working on similar projects. We hope you like the most unique apps for Android.

Download AR Cut & Paste

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Everyone loves to give their opinion. Congratulations, now you can earn Play Store credit for the same worthless task! Google Opinion Rewards is an app that pays you for completing surveys. You can new surveys regularly on this app. However, they may not be daily. Google is providing you with this source of making money. And you can also earn by sharing with your friends. Do it in your free time. Think “Google pays you for your free time.” This is one of the Top 5 Apps for students because some students like reading books. They can buy books from the Play Store by earning through surveys on Google Opinions Rewards.


How to get more surveys to earn more?
1. Make sure your age is set to 18-24 because most of the surveys are meant for the age range of 18-24.
2. Select the right PIN code and address.
3. Check both languages while setting up a new account.

Download Google Opinion Rewards

5. Password Manager App

The last of the top 5 essential apps 2020 is Password Manager. Password management apps are necessary because we sometimes forget our passwords and spend hours resetting it. Moreover, sometimes, we visit different sites and create multiple accounts. So, it is difficult to remember all the passwords in our minds. This app helps you remain secure by remembering your passwords.

Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is a passwords saving tool that saves your passwords for you. It doesn’t want you to remember your passwords again. It will remember for you. Dashlane works are then a password manager. Dashlane comes with great features. It login automatically to the site which you want. Dashlane suggests to us the best, unique and strong passwords for your accounts.

Download Dashlane For Android


LastPass is a password manager which locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. From LastPass vault, we can store passwords and login credentials, create online shopping profiles. It also suggests strong passwords, tracks personal information in notes. We only have to remember the Lastpass password because it stores all your data. If we forget that, then we can not access our passwords without the forgot password option.

Download Lastpass For Android

These were the Top 5 Essential Apps during Lockdown and the most unique apps for Android. We hope you liked it. Share your views down below.

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