Top 12 Amazing and Free Oculus Apps to try in 2021



Virtual reality is becoming the future of entertainment. It aims to take over the world as we know it in various ways. Being able to enjoy countless life experiences from the comfort of your own home, using a headset for extraordinary things may become normal sooner than you think. And it all starts with the best virtual reality apps and features. With the spread of advanced devices, VR headsets are becoming better and easier for the everyday consumer. While headsets such as the Oculus VR, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR have appeared and evolved on the market, we’re seeing an increased interest in the future. Today we’ll focus on the Oculus Go, plus we will also discuss the best and free oculus apps in 2021.

Top 12 Free Oculus Apps for Real-Life Experience

Oculus Venues

If you have an Oculus headset, you should not miss this game. The sites allow the user to attend various events almost from all over the world without traveling completely. Whether it’s a concert or a basketball game in another part of the world, if you have the Venues app, you won’t miss out on favorite events from around the world! That’s why it’s on the list of best free oculus apps.

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Wonderful You – Sense Development

An unusual but interesting concept – Wonderful You guides you through the development of your senses. Going back in time, you become a witness and feel how your feelings developed in the womb. This app has been praised for providing an absolutely surreal experience.

Gala 360 – The Travel Experience

Like its name, the app promises excursions from all over the world. The cumulative experience of others is carefully processed and presented by default. Immerse yourself in the carefully selected atmosphere of the country or city you are about to explore from the comfort of your sofa. As the saying goes, look at the world through someone else’s eyes, well, with this application it can be done literally.

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Super Helpful Free Oculus Apps

GoPro VR 

GoPro VR is very similar to the Discovery VR app, except that it offers richer content. All videos available on the GoPro VR app are shot with GoPro cameras, so you can expect amazing quality.

This is the perfect free VR app for people who want to watch adventure videos via Cardboard or VR and enjoy the excitement. You can download GoPro VR for free from iTunes and the Google Play Store, but this is only available in select countries. Surprisingly, some of the videos available in GoPro VR have 60 frames per second.

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Virtual Speech 

Whether you’re a newbie or looking to prepare for a training event, a virtual chat can be a great tool to calm your nerves. The app puts you on a virtual platform in front of a virtual audience, allowing you to practice in your presentation.

Customizable controls allow you to amplify crowd movements and behavior to simulate a distracting environment in which you can practice. Upon completion, Virtual Speech will analyze your presentation and give you a score based on your verbal and nonverbal communication.

ALTSPACE VR – Meet People in Virtual Spaces

If your busy schedule has isolated you from social life, try this app today. It doesn’t have a high intensity of gameplay and doesn’t pretend to be a cinematic extravaganza. It just brings people into virtual social interaction. Participate in community activities with people from all over the world and be able to communicate easily in your daily life.

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Have you ever thought about being a part of Wiz Khalifa’s party from the comfort of your couch? Imagine the comfort! There is nothing better than a musical experience to restore a tired mind after a tiring day at work. Melody VR allows you to enjoy the best music events, concerts and shows from around the world. A must download for music lovers!

Best Entertaining Top Free Oculus Apps

Now, here are some of the best entertainment and most importantly Free Oculus apps.


Jaunt VR is for immersive story-driven worlds like Netflix for binge-watching. Simply put on your headset and the app will take you to a virtual environment where you can choose from hundreds of VR options.

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Whether it’s in the front seat at a Paul McCartney concert, a trendy 360-degree photo session with Derek Zoolander, or maybe you just want to kick back and watch some great documentaries. Hours of entertainment await you in Jaunt VR.


The inside allows you to watch amazing content from VR creators around the world, immersing you in vibrant places with amazing sound. Content ranges from fantastic fairy tales set in fantastical worlds to documentaries and current events.

You can view all the content within through portable headphones (such as Google Cardboard), premium headphones (such as PSVR and Oculus), and even without a headset on your mobile phone and computer.

Just watch The Lego Batman Batmersive Experience for an example of the premium content it has to offer.

Amazing Free Oculus Games to Play

Bait – Hunting in Virtual Reality

This app will take you fishing on vacation with your loved ones. With HD graphics, you can immerse yourself in pristine landscapes. Make some fish on the virtual lake and relax by the water. It feels like a natural or life experience thanks to its delicate cationic game. This experience has been recognized as a very valuable experience by popular publications such as The Verge.

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Zombie Shooter VR 

Zombie Shooter VR is still one of the oldest favorite apps on iOS and Android, and it does exactly what its name suggests – helping users shoot zombies. It was originally a paid app. However, the development team was able to calmly compete with the fierce competition in the virtual reality system. However, there are in-app purchases, should you wish to upgrade your experience.

The controls are one of the most user-friendly aspects of the game. All you have to do is look at the zombie and it will activate the weapon. This ease of use makes it one of our options, especially if you are new to virtual reality and trying to get used to the sensations.


Fulldive VR describes itself as a global virtual reality social platform with over a million 360-degree videos, mostly based on user-generated content. It also includes 500 great games for endless hours of entertainment.

This is a neatly compiled application designed for mobile users. The versatility of letting viewers go from watching movies in a cinema-like format to commenting on user-generated content and playing games makes it a worthwhile package.

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