What To Do If You Drop Your Phone in Water [Guide]



It’s a horrible experience to drop your phone in water, but what matters is what you do afterward. Most phones nowadays do not have removable components, such as batteries. It makes them more difficult to dry out. Keep in mind that every phone’s build is different, and the solution depends on the spill as well. Not every technique can cure your problem, so try out every way. Our experts have explained what’s the best thing to do if you drop your phone in water in this blog. We hope they may help save your phone. If your phone is now wet, please follow our recommendations as soon as possible to avoid irreversible damage.

What To Do If You Drop Your Phone in Water: Steps

Immediately, Turn Off Your Phone

Because of water conductivity, passing an electrical charge through any wet electrical circuit will create difficulties. However, an electrical gadget becoming wet doesn’t imply it’s ruined right away. You’re fortunate if you have turned off your phone before any serious harm.

For Saltwater, and Other liquids, Use a Wet Towel

Yes, you’ll have to get your phone wet again. Saltwater is caustic and certainly will destroy your phone if not removed. New age mobiles should be able to withstand a wet cloth. Simply re-dry it as soon as possible.

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Remove Any Detachable Pieces

Remove the SIM card and the micro-SD card if possible. Also, if you have a phone that enables you to remove the battery, do so. While you’re doing this, don’t shake your phone.

Pat, it Dry with a Gentle Cloth

Use a paper towel or cloth, which is soft and free of lint. Be careful that no water enters cracks or ports. Also, dry any removal parts, such as the SIM card, microSD card, and battery.

Lay Your Phone on a Towel in a Dry Location

The most essential thing to remember now is to leave your phone alone to dry. Place your phone on a towel in a well-ventilated location. A fan may also assist dry the phone as long as it is not too strong or too near to the device.

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Wait until it’s Completely Dry before Turning it Back On

One to two days is the usual time advised in this scenario.

Keep an Eye Out for Oddities

After your phone is dry, it will continue to function normally if you’re lucky enough. Or it may continue to function normally, but with some odd additional problems. Monitor it over the following few days and evaluate its performance on important activities like playing music, taking pictures, and so on. If you detect any issues, you may need to get them fixed or replaced.

If possible, Contact the Manufacturer of Your Phone

You may contact the manufacturer’s support service and request guidance. Have soft copies of your documentation.

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What To Do If You Drop Your Phone in Water: Experts Advice

  • Do not put the towel into the charging port.
  • Insert no other items into the charging port. Cotton swabs, for example.
  • Don’t touch any of your phone’s keys or buttons.
  • Do not shake, tap, or pound the phone.
  • Don’t plug in the phone. Regardless of whether you have a wireless charging pad.
  • To dry your phone, never use an additional heating element. As an example, a hairdryer.

Surely you now know what’s the best thing to do if you drop your phone in the water. Follow this suggestion if you dropped the phone in a water non-removable battery. Next time, invest in a water-resistant phone.

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