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Tech Burner is a renowned digital media company that creates content centred on humanising technology. By curating tech information and engaging edutainment content, we hope to inspire individuals and add value to their lives. Since our inception, we’ve worked to make technology more approachable, fascinating, entertaining, and shareable.

We are one of the country’s largest tech influencers, with over 7 million YouTube subscribers and a strong presence across all social media channels, providing daily content. Through its commitment to excellence for tech enthusiasts, Tech Burner has endeavoured to rediscover and reinvent tech content by collaborating directly with the industry.


Tech Burner aims to revolutionise technology by selecting content to inspire and educate people. To be a global tech enterprise that crafts exceptional & extraordinary contributions to the humanization of technology and innovations.


Tech Burner endeavours to foster social development by providing technology that adds value and drives huge transformation. The core philosophy of our business is to leverage technology and produce fun, entertaining and enjoyable content for our viewers by enhancing their confidence and replenishing them to make life so much better.

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