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Top 7 Photography Tricks Using Mobile Phone



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To capture expert photographs, you don’t need to be a professional photographer. It all boils down to mastering the proper procedures and following key guidelines along with simple photography tricks. Whether you’re a beginner photographer or have a bit more expertise with a camera, we’re confident that you’ll value the opportunity to learn new techniques and improve your results. We’re providing you with the opportunity to accomplish just that with our top 7 photography tricks and tips. Taking a nice shot before the days of mobile phones was a time-consuming procedure. However, owing to our mobile devices and the editing apps in them, we can now capture high-quality images. In this post, we will outline 7 simple photography tricks TechBurner.

Top 7 Photography Tricks

Double Telephoto

The first one in our top 7 photography tricks is making a double telephoto lens for increased zoom-in photos. When you need to shoot images with delicacy, a telephoto lens is a wonderful option. It enables you to shoot from a greater distance thanks to the built-in zoom, reducing the likelihood that your subject will see you. This makes it ideal for informal portraits and street photography. So, you’ll be able to record candid moments. In a normal phone, the Telephoto lens has a 2X optical zoom, so you can get a sharp image in the foreground and a smooth blur in the distance. This lens eliminates facial distortion thanks to its 60mm focal length.

To increase the built-in zoom, you can attach an external Telephoto lens. It will offer you 50x zoom. Just buy a Telephoto lens according to your phone, attach it as per the guide and click amazing detailed photos.   

First Person View

How about shooting a vlog like ‘Lady in the Lake’? The overhead, birds-eye perspective, or first-person view, provides a unique method for simple photography. You can highlight any work that takes place on a table to create a dramatic impact or just to add some diversity to your video. It’s also well-known for stop motion animation. For individuals without costly equipment, this aesthetic may seem out of reach. We’ll teach you how to make an overhead movie shot using what you already have—or with inexpensive equipment with our top 7 photography tricks. 

First, you need to take a cardboard and cut it out in a T shape according to your phone’s size. Also, cut the upper part of one side of the T to make space for the phone’s camera. Then just fold the T-shaped cutout as a box, put your phone inside and fix it on a wall to get an overhead view of your table. If you want to make a video like FPS games, then buy a headband with a mobile phone holder. Then set the video mode at a wide-angle so the frame will be stretched and start recording. That’s all!

Burst mode

Burst mode, also known as continuous shooting mode, or sports mode, is a shooting mode in still cameras. You can take many photographs together in rapid succession by holding the shutter button. This is commonly employed in sports photography when the subject is in rapid motion. After that, you may choose the finest shot from the group or arrange them in a series to analyze the transitions in greater depth. If you want to capture the slightest moments, then give it a try. It’s the most well-known in the top 7 photography tricks. A popular example is when a balloon filled with water is popped and the water in it is still in a balloon shape. You got it, right?

In burst mode, you can take up to 30 photographs and play them back one by one, much like a video with just one press. Burst mode will boost your chances of capturing an emotive expression or attitude while taking a portrait subject. Burst mode will also let you capture split-second exchanges, such as couples establishing eye contact if you’re capturing a street scene. The burst rate on many cameras may be set to high, medium, or low. Taking regular shots in series at a slower speed is usually the same. As a result, the quality is identical to that of a single photograph.

We tried to capture the moment of cutting an apple. So, we took an apple and cut it with a knife while taking burst shots of it. You can check the outcome above.

RGB Lighting In Background

The fourth one in our top 7 photography tricks is using RGB lighting in the photo’s background. Recently RGB lighting setup has become very famous, especially because of the cool gaming PC setup. Red, blue, and green LEDs are referred to as RGB lighting. RGB LEDs combine these three colours to create approximately 16 million different light colours. If you want something more intriguing than the conventional white light in your photography, you may look into RGB lights!

Before photographers used to attach gel filters to white lights to create colour effects. But now RGB lights have replaced the use of conventional gel filters as a new trend. They’re becoming more popular as a result of their versatility and ease of usage. 

You can buy standard RGB LEDs, but that is a little bit expensive. To execute this photography tip, we have taken three torches of red, green, and blue colours. Then you can take help from someone to hold the torches at a proper angle or use some equipment to set up the lights. And you are ready to capture some cool photos.    

Book Cutout For Frame Into Frame Photography

How about diving deep into more creativity? This technique of our top 7 photography tricks is called frame-into-frame photography. You may have seen this kind of image on Instagram. To make your photos more aesthetic, you should use the trick. A major part of any successful photography is how you frame your shots. A frame inside a frame is all about framing your primary subject with something else in the picture when clicking a photo.

The beauty of using a frame inside a frame is that it can be anything you want it to be – a cave or tunnel, or regions of light and shade. You could, for example, use an entire rectangular frame, such as a door or a window. You may even use a real photo frame for this trick. The goal of employing a frame inside a frame is to draw the viewer’s attention to a certain subject and make the image more dynamic.  

Here we will use a book. Then choose a page from the middle position and cut a square in it. That’s all. Now use it as a frame as you want. You can also use a newspaper as a replacement. Keep the primary subject like a plant or anyone in that square cutout. Then tap on it to get the focus on it so the page’s cutout will be blurred.     

Thread Filter

We all know about interesting Snapchat or Instagram filters and use them mostly while clicking selfies. Nowadays, photos with vintage effects and light leaks edits are trendy. It looks very aesthetic. When you give a current digital image an aged appearance and feel, you’re creating a retro or vintage vibe. These filters resemble the look of an old film camera. It generates a tone that might be romantic, nostalgic, or dramatic.

When a roll of film is exposed to light, light leaks occur. This can happen if your camera doesn’t have proper light shielding. Or if you open the rear of your camera unexpectedly after snapping a few photos. Because of the exposure, light leaks are usually orange or red. But now people edit their photos with orange stripes. 

You can also recreate this light leak effect with our top 7 photography tricks. For that, we need an orange thread. Take the thread and place it on the side of the camera parallelly. You can also place it as a crisscross. The position of the thread depends on the kind of effect you want. So, adjust it accordingly. If you want different colour effects, you can use that thread.    

Reflection and Shadow Photography

The next one on our top 7 photography tricks list is mirror photography. Reflection photography is when you use reflective surfaces to create a beautiful echo of a scene. It is also known as mirror photography. Oceans, lakes, puddles, and even rain droplets may be used in this kind of photography for the reflection. It will bring a new twist to your photos that are popular with creative photographers. Using reflections may radically transform a picture from one that is quite basic to one that is richer, abstract, and more creative. You may produce some incredible effects and stunning photographs.


Getting the ideal photo will require time and thought, but the ultimate result may be immensely satisfying. Although reflection images may be used to provide depth and intrigue, they can also be employed as a frame. It allows you to capture an image inside an image–which is both ingenious and aesthetically unique. 

We have taken a big mirror to execute this simple photography trick. For shadow photography, we will use the panorama mode. 

Other Effects In Top 7 Photography Tips

You can try the bokeh effect or the portrait mode to make the background blurry. We have tried a great trick. First, open an image of greenery on your laptop, then place a flower pot in front of your laptop. Then click a photo using bokeh mode. The background will look fantastic. You can also try long exposure, illusion photography, double exposure, long trail, etc. tricks. To get more details, you can watch our video on the top 7 photography tricks below:

So, that’s all for today. For more tips and tricks, follow TechBurner!

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