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Subscription Based Telegram Premium to Arrive This Month



Telegram is yet another most popular messaging service after WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger worldwide. In 2021 October, WhatsApp and Facebook went down. This led to a boom in the Telegram user base. As per sources, Telegram has active 500 million+ monthly users. However, in some recent reports, it is being said that Telegram will soon bring a subscription based premium plan. In this article, we will discuss the premium subscription plans of the Telegram messaging app and web. Here we will discuss what is Telegram Premium, and the features of Telegram Premium features. Also, we will be talking about the subscription based Telegram Premium services. Moreover, we will talk about the telegram premium launch date in India. Additionally, we will also discuss the Telegram Premium price in India. So, without any further delay, let’s head into the article.

Telegram vs WhatsApp

The very first thing that might have come to your mind is why Telegram, What is the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp. So in short, we can say that Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service contrary, unlike WhatsApp as it is local storage based. Below are the major differentiating factors are as follows:

Telegram  WhatsApp
Cloud-based messaging app Local storage based messaging app
Unlimited server storage Limited storage based on your internal memory or SD card
Optional media compression Automatic media compression
Group limit – 200,000 Group limit – 256
Username available Contact number is necessary
Bots available Auto-reply available only in WA Business
Channels with unlimited subscribers Channels not available
Secret chats available Disappearing messages available

Telegram Premium

As per recent reports, Telegram has been working on its paid subscription. Telegram Premium will be the way of monetizing the platform. With this premium version, Telegram is supposed to bring the add-on features for your messaging. Telegram founder Pavel Durov recently spoke on the site about Telegram’s future and the launch of Telegram Premium, a paid subscription service. According to Durov, the premium version of the popular messaging app will be released later this month, allowing Telegram to be funded “primarily by its users, rather than marketers.”

What is Telegram Premium?

Telegram Premium will be a subscription based program that will give users some extra features. However, free users need not worry, as some reports have suggested that current features will remain free for everyone. But the Telegram Premium subscription will add new features that will be exclusive to the premium subscribers. Telegram Paid is partially active in the newest beta, despite the fact that the messaging giant hasn’t started rolling out its premium subscription as of writing this piece. Telegram’s paid subscription can start soon in the coming days.

Now everyone might be having a question in their mind that is Telegram Premium worth it? And the answer to that is pretty simple. It will depend upon your needs. If you don’t need the extra features, and you are happy with the current features, then you can stick to the normal usage. But if you are a user who requires access to some extra, exclusive and premium features then you should look out for this one. But the point here is that you don’t know the features that will be offered in the Premium version. Don’t worry, we have got you covered on that aspect as well.

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As we mentioned earlier, the Telegram Premium is not out for everyone yet. However, we have somehow managed to get a list of some features that will be offered by the app. And here we will list down the known features that we know are coming to the Telegram Premium version. So let us begin with the Subscription features that Telegram Premium will provide you.

Telegram Premium Features

The features of Telegram premium are as follows:

Upload More

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Credits: Beebom

With the Telegram Premium feature, the upload size has been increased. If you are a Premium subscriber of Telegram, then you can upload up to 4 GB of the document. This was earlier limited to 2 GB or I should say, it is limited for the non-Premium users. So now you can send and receive files of up to 4 GB if you are a paid user. This feature is quite appealing if you are the one who shares larger files with your contacts.

Better Download Speeds

The download speeds of the Telegram will increase overall. But there is a catch, the increased unlimited download speeds will be available for Premium subscribers. Whereas non-premium users will have limited download speeds for the file. However, it is not yet confirmed how much the speed difference will be. So if you are the person who downloads large media files 😉 from Telegram, then you might need the subscription plan for better speeds.


telegram premium, telegram paid susbcription, subscription based telegram premium, telegram vs whatsapp, telegram premium price in india, telegram premium launch date in india

Credits: Beebom

So speech-to-text is yet another feature that will arrive with Telegram Premium. Yes, as the name suggests, you can now convert your speech (voice) to text. This feature automatically generates the transcripts for the voice messages that you send or receive. This feature can be pretty useful if you are in a meet or a crowded place where you cannot play the voice note. But the accuracy here might vary depending on multiple factors such as accent, mixed languages, etc.


Telegram will remain ad-free, but only for those who purchase the Premium subscription of Telegram. This was announced back in November 2021. The company also claimed that they will introduce cheap plans to disable ads. Moreover, Telegram Premium subscribers will not see the ads on any public channel. So if you are irritated by the ads, then you should go for the Telegram Premium service.

Premium Stickers

Telegram will add new and some premium stickers for the Telegram Premium users. Compared to the current stickers, the Premium stickers will have more animations, effects, etc. Also, Telegram promised regular updates on a monthly basis. This can be fun when you have exclusive stickers that others don’t have. So you can buy the Telegram Premium, if you are the one who likes exclusivity, then you will like Premium stickers.

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Advanced Chat Management

telegram premium, telegram paid susbcription, subscription based telegram premium, telegram vs whatsapp, telegram premium price in india, telegram premium launch date in india

Credits: Beebom

For the users who are on multiple channels, and get confused between their work, personal, and other chats. Then this advanced chat management feature is for you. You can manage the chats and align them so that your chats are not scattered. And you can differentiate what messages are important and messages that you can ignore. So if you are in many groups and channels, then you should go for the Telegram Premium.

Profile Badge

telegram premium, telegram paid susbcription, subscription based telegram premium, telegram vs whatsapp, telegram premium price in india, telegram premium launch date in india

Credits: Beebom

Here comes an exclusive Premium feature that you will love. On Instagram, Twitter, etc. everyone wants to become a verified user. Profile badges will be similar to that. The Premium Telegram users will get a star in front of their names in the chats. This will distinguish non-premium users from premium users. You will be able to know if you are talking to a premium user or a regular non-premium user.

Animated Profile Photos

Currently, this feature is available for everyone. But as soon as the Telegram Premium arrives, you will no longer have access to this. This feature will only be available for the paid users of Telegram. The ability to create dynamic profile images is becoming a paid service. In case you didn’t know, Telegram allows you to create video avatars to better express yourself on the network.

Premium App Icon

telegram premium, telegram paid susbcription, subscription based telegram premium, telegram vs whatsapp, telegram premium price in india, telegram premium launch date in india

Credits: Beebom

Another big change for Premium Telegram users will be the change in the app icon. The Premium users will get a new icon for their premium Telegram app. This is not a point that will make a big difference, however, it is something new that any app will be trying to offer with a premium subscription. So at this point, the premium subscription will depend upon your personal choice.

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Unique Reactions

Telegram added message reactions in December. There are now 16 different message reactions available. Telegram Premium customers will receive exclusive animated reactions to messages in addition to those reactions. This will easily make you stand out from the crowd. Since then, WhatsApp has joined the party, adding message reactions to all users.

Increased Limit

The premium users of Telegram will be able to enjoy the increased limit of everything in comparison to the free users. Such as Telegram subscribers can join up to 1000 channels, pin up to 10 chats, reserve about 10 public username links, and save up to 400 GIFs and 200 stickers. Also, premium users will be able to use up to 140 characters in the bio link. Subscribers will even be able to enter longer captions with 4096 characters, access 20 folders on Telegram premium, group up to 10 chats per folder, and also add 4 connected accounts with different phone numbers.

Telegram Premium Price in India

As per the latest beta, the price for Telegram Premium is seen as $4.99 per month. Which when converted is ~400 Rs. The price of 400 seems pretty conflicting. Some might like the pricing and some might say it is overpriced. As a fact, we found the price to be decentish because it brings some great features. Moreover, you can even download larger media files, 😉 if you know what I mean. You can easily transfer files and chat, that too cloud-based.

Telegram Premium Launch Date in India

The launch of the Premium subscription in Telegram is said to be soon. Currently, Telegram Premium is in the testing phase and is only available for beta-enrolled users. As per recent reports, the Telegram Premium is set to arrive this month. Yes, you got it right. Telegram Premium is almost here. It is ready to debut by the end of this month, as per the most recent report. Moreover, do let us know in the comments section below if you are willing to purchase Telegram Premium for Rs. 400 in India.

That was it guys for this post, keep an eye out on TechBurner for more such updates!

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