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Clash Royale APK Update: New Cards, Healer and more



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The most favourite game Clash Royale Update has arrived. This game is mostly played by teenagers and small kids. So, the Clash Royale November update brings out the new cards, new healer and more things in the game. This is one of the exciting and strategic games that we have played. Many users were waiting for something new Clash Royale new update. Therefore, read the full article to know about the features that you will be getting after updating it and download Clash Royale APK from the article. We will give you tutorial to start Clash Royale APK Free Download:

Clash Royale Update:

clash royale apk, clash royale update, clash royale new update, clash royale apk free download, clash royale november update

The new update for the Clash Royale brings many new features. So, the Game Developer Supercell has officially informed about the update. In the update, users will find new cards, new game modes, new healer, character and more in the game. So, here is the information about the update below:

Clash Royale November Update:

New Cards:

The update brings out the new cards by which users will be getting new possibilities to win the game. So, by the new card, there will be a new character which will help you great deck possibilities. By the update, users will get Info Screen which gives the user a bit of info to how to use and how not to use cards. Card Previews will now give you better look of the cards and how it plays within the arena. Users will get a new look at their favourite characters and they can use it in the game.

Battle Healer:

Now, the battle healer will heal herself when needed and it can be also used to heal other friends troop by its power when they have a deal with the damage. This will help the troops as well as the users while playing the game as they will be healed over time. So, by it, players will now get more chances of winning the game. Users will be getting high hitpoint when compared to Knight. Also, the users will be getting only 4-Elixir troop cards. So, use troop cards wisely.

New Game Modes:

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Now, the users will be getting 5-minute Battle Mode instead of 6 minutes. So, the overtime lasts for 2 minutes instead of 3 minutes. It includes 3x Elixir Generation for the last minute. Now, Elixir changes by other Game modes.


  •  Arrows by which you fire it in 3 waves instead of 1 wave. It will take 0.4 sec total and now it will give damage 23% more when compare from previous.
  • Executioner will now give more 5% hitpoints, more 4% hit speed. The range is extended to 4.5-6.5 with projectile radius to 1000(25%). But, the damages have been decreased by 45%.
  • The Witch will now give area damage to attacks and but the damage has been decreased by 49%. But, the hit speed will be changed to 1.1 sec from 1.7 sec(35%+).

Clash Royale Update release date:

As the blog posted by the Supercell tells us much about the update. So, the update is scheduled to roll out on 2nd December after updating users will be able to use all the new things of the game.

Clash Royale APK Version Info:

App Name Clash Royale
App Size 106 MB
Last Updated 27th November 2019
Total No. of Downloads 100M+
Minimum Requirements Android 4.1+
Developer Supercell

Clash Royale APK:

If you want to download the APK follow the given steps:

  • Open
  • Search for Clash Royale in the website
  • You can click the link below
  • After the redirect of the page, click on the download button
  • It will take a few moments and the download will be automatically started


Clash Royale APK Free Download

How to Install the APK:

Follow the given steps to install the APK:

  • After downloading the APK, click on the file
  • It will ask you for permission to “Install from Unknown Sources” give all the permissions
  • Click on the file and the APK will be installed

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