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Download Windows 11 Wallpapers [High Resolution]



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Microsoft is constantly working on improvements. They are trying harder to provide users with a premium feel while using their product in each aspect. The company regularly updates the Windows ecosystem to keep it safe and interactive for all its users. Recently, a Windows 11 update got leaked in an ISO file. Along with that, we also found Windows 11 wallpapers. So, we are here to provide you with the link to download Windows 11 stock wallpapers. To download Windows 11 wallpapers in high resolution, we will give the Google Drive link to download quickly and accessible for all. We have also attached the preview image of the wallpapers. So, without any further ado, let’s head into the article.

Windows 11 Improvements

Recently, we found the whole Windows 11 update on the web. The all-new Windows 11 comes with new and exciting features. With that, the latest Windows 11 also unveils the fresh Windows 11 stock wallpapers. However, Windows 11 has not been officially released. You will find the ISO file to download the new version. The newest version features a well-designed start menu to search and head over to other software as per the leaks. Besides that, you can also set it to the center. It comes with new sounds, icons, widgets, and more. Yet, we could see the more features on the official release date. Anyway, read ahead to download Windows 11 wallpapers in high resolution.

Windows 11 Official Launch Date

Windows 11 will officially release on 24th June 2021. It is expected that on 24th June we could see some new features in Windows 11. The event will start right at 11 am ET. 

Windows 11 Wallpapers

As of now, we have 10+ wallpapers of Windows 11. They give a pretty relaxed and classy look to your laptop or PC. Later in the article, we have also added a preview of some of the best Windows 11 wallpapers. First, though, we will not add all the wallpapers. In addition, the wallpapers uploaded below aren’t in high resolution or quality. You can download Windows 11 wallpapers by click from the Google Drive.

Download Windows 11 Wallpapers

Now, as you have looked over the preview images, you may be looking for the download link. We have mentioned the Google Drive download link to help you all easily download these 4K wallpapers or save them to your Drive. To download Windows 11 wallpapers, click on the link below, and the download will begin.
That’s it for this post of awesome minimal wallpapers from Windows 11. Keep Stalking TechBurner For More Tech Stuff.
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